A Morning Contemplation

As I had breakfast this morning I was contemplating in a relaxed, unhurried place for a change. While did so I noticed what appeared to be clouds of energy moving around in my living room.  Smooth and gentle, they moved around, first from one place to another. I was suddenly inspired with a title. For this blog and proceeded to create it.  Right then I answered a call from my daughter and enthusiastically got into a conversation with her.

But, I forgot to shut off the dictation on Alba, my computer. When I got off the phone, I saw that I had ruined my blog. Being a person that all things as obnoxious as they may seem, end up happening for the highest and best consequences, I am now sharing something else; I believe it was not meant for me to send what I originally contemplated. Spirit has better ideas. 

Have you ever started out with a travel plan nicely planned allowing four different kinds of delays that will still get to your destination on a reasonable day and time. Nevertheless Life happened. You may have started out to go to New York when something connected to your employment interfered. You may have been too busy and involved about the situation, that you forgot to be upset about your trip. Later when you thought about it, you realized by remaining on the job, you got a better promotion which had more benefits.

It could also be that where you going had had a disaster of some sort that you were grateful to have avoided.

Some of us look back many times to recall how fortunate we are things turned out the way they did. When we are able to step back and review the events in our lives as a whole picture, we can see, feel and imagine how really wonderful life really is.

In my view while there are countless tragedies and other destructive in the universe, when we take the attitude that all things work together for the very highest outcome, all that occurs is a part of the universal plan.

Needless to say, large numbers of people will disagree with what I am writing .It is totally understandable. What I write and I think is that you understand I am writing for those in the
personal universe in which I exist.

I do not pretend to understand why in the world destruction and tragedy occur. However I do
believe that in our personal lives those of us who have been fortunate enough not to experience hunger pestilence dictatorship wars personally have an obligation to strengthen our loving energy along with with peace and understanding from within the depths of our being around us extending as as far as we can.

I am someone who believes we along with everything in the universe is energy. I think that all of us would choose to create and extend Beautiful waves of energy patterns from us to others and throughout the universe. I am thinking this is why this morning I thought I saw beautiful clouds of energy loving through my living room are a revelation that this is how we change ourselves and thereby change the universe in which we exist.

No matter what is happening around us, until we perfect the love, understanding and balance
we are creating moment by moment, until we imagine ourselves in that single sphere of perfect love and light, until we create the balance within ourselves, we have not fulfilled our purpose.

This is my contemplation for May each day and every day as long as I am able.

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