Apple Demonstrates the Truth

Some of us have exploded into the New Year immersed in extraordinarily exciting and enthusiastic energy emerging in our cells. I have to tell you while it’s exciting, it also requires a discipline to reign in like the bronco busters of the past, bounced up and on the horses they are taming. And I mean that in a literal explanation of the feelings.

energySome of my friends and colleagues are talking about the astrological changes, etc. That may be true but always beyond my total comprehension. I focus on my personal energy.

Our minister on Sunday was discussing our focus and how to gain command of choosing and staying with it. He was discussing how we have to shut out all the distractions in our current society, business and personal. He shared that he had received a beautiful, expensive Apple watch for the holidays. He was wearing it and working on his sermon for Sunday. However, the watch started buzzing. He would shut it down and it would start buzzing again. It was happening continuously because it had the ability to remind you of just about everything going on in the Universe continually. He said he finally had to shut it down completely and just check for time when he was ready. It was the most incredibly wonderful example of how we are all reacting in our current society.

People like me, my daughter and my close colleagues have an acute sensitivity to these continual energetic changes and I am not sure if it is a blessing or a burden. When we empathize with good feelings, it is very nice. However, when we are caught in being sensitive to conflicting emotions and ideas, it can be really exhausting.

Therefore, I am deciding to concentrate on this because I have the opinion that and strong belief that commercial intrusion into our energy fields on the theory it is helping our productivity and convenience is a whole lot of theory being put into practice without careful protection for the consequences of all of this on human beings and animal and plant life as well.

Therefore, those of us who are aware of how these electrical chemical and mute sound distractions can be effecting us would benefit very seriously on creating stronger Light walls of love and peace around our auras, bodies and emotions. This may sound like mumbo jumbo but it is just as necessary for us to do as it is to bless the new day, eat properly, exercise properly and dress properly. Yes we need to properly dress our beings in incredibly woven patterns of light, peace and love-to dissolve and clear out all remaining piles of energetic dirt and clutter from ourselves to go forth and do what we came to do: to help each other, support each other and remember to love who we each truly are: beings of love-light.

Happy New Year.

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