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At some point I tell all my clients the following. It was a famous quote and there are variations of it:

The essence is this: When the pain of where you are becomes greater than your fear of the unknown, change happens. Interestingly enough, that change could be positive or negative depending on your frame of thinking.

This past week, I had some time with a former client, who when she came to me, had a few major stress issues but adamantly declared she did not like change. She was resistant. Through hypnosis she made some discoveries about herself, about her situation and came to understand that to be who she really is, she had to make the change and she did! She tells me I was there when she began her journey.

I am delighted to say that this is someone who has made great strides and went from hypnosis to taking other steps, doing other things major to her development and who is now a really well-adjusted, happy, healthier person who is able to say” I really love who I am!” You have no idea how that is music to my ears and I am sure all the others who took part in her journey which is now continuing to the next great expectation.

Oh, this wonderful unknown! When you have a curiosity to go the next step, take the next road, climb the next mountain, seek out the next career, the next relationship, you are essentially going into the unknown.

Even when people marry someone they have known a very long, long time, marriage is now the new unknown. Even if they have been married before, or never married, no matter how they think they know the partner, there is the unknown. The unexpected happens.

Each day when we get up, even if we are anticipating the same routine, whether it is a happy one or a same old, same old, underlying each and every day and each and every moment is the Unknown.

There cold a e a storm, an earthquake, a flood, a stock market crash, OR there could be a new opportunity, a new friendship, a new and wonderful experience, a great vacation.

Each and every moment implies the unknown. With each and every moment also comes change. Every moment of every day depending on where we are, how we got there, what we eat, what we do, all of this creates a change in the biochemical energy field of which we are a part.

As a matter of fact, each and every moment creates change. In the last analysis the only thing that is ever truly known is that change is the one stable principle in the Universe. The principle is stable but composed of multitudinous bits of the unknown because we cannot possibly fathom the result of the incredible bits of energy in which we live.

When we reach the point where we can say I really love who I AM, success is ours!

If you would like to explore this avenue further and choose to learn a better way, feel free to contact me for an appointment.

Blessings, Gloria

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