April Showers Bring….?

You see the question mark after what April Showers bring. The entire planet is currently bursting continually by changing events, ideas, challenges, people. 

It’s all happening so quickly, it appears to me that daily events at home and everywhere else are changing instantaneously. In other words the instants are shorter and quicker. For someone who loves public speaking as I do, I manage to convert every conversation into a speech!

Since we are all energy beings created by Divine Energy many of us call God (my opinion, of course), it’s easy to experience the only permanent thing in the Universe, Change so beyond instantaneous, so that maybe I’s immeasurable by science. Therefore we may not recognize the stability of it. 

Nevertheless, from my perspective, believing, for me knowing this truth for myself internally, it allows me to enjoy each of my sacred moments.

April showesIn fact, I am feeling as I am spinning into the Universe, yet I have calm, better focus than usual, and extraordinary gratitude to be a spark of ever moving, ever loving change.

As long as we have change, we have growth of thought, more unlimited probabilities and possibilities.

Think about our technology for example. Those of you who know me personally know this is not my preferred area yet I am constantly amazed by the rapid access, the rapidly changing forms, ideas, colors, shapes, sounds, that are moving together and differently on all our cell phones, computers, tablets, and the things I don’t yet know the names of.

They plummet us into the unlimited dimensions of the Universe. Scientists like Einstein, inventors like Steve Jobs, I personally believe are guiding the genius of our current creators and stimulating the creative flow through our children.

More than that, Their inspiration, their passion for improvement, desire for better quality of life and more loving and civilized societies are motivating our children in new and wonderful ways with desires and determination for better, safer, wonderful solutions in our societies.

So for me, April Showers means this: It is my choice. Each of my moments is sacred given to me by an extraordinary unfathomable loving Intelligence that allows us free will to create good. No matter what the appearance may be externally, our inner beings that belong to that intelligence are creating new miracles moment by moment. After all, a miracle occurs every time we change the way we look at things.

Many Blessings and Happy April Showers to all of you.

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