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A Morning Contemplation

As I had breakfast this morning I was contemplating in a relaxed, unhurried place for a change. While did so I noticed what appeared to be clouds of energy moving around in my living room.  Smooth and gentle, they moved around, first from one place to another. I was suddenly inspired with a title. For …

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Originally, I had decided to pas on the April blog. With so much energy changing directions, shades and depths, I had decided to pass. However, this morning, I had an aha Moment so to speak. While contemplating how I will begin my Happiness Hypnosis workshop, I had just reiterated my definition of hypnosis when Aha …

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I am not about to give you a definition of happiness. The only observation I can make about happiness is no matter where you read, who you talk to, and anywhere there is success, prosperity, and wonderful events going on that provide enjoyment for all or most, somewhere that word happiness shows up. I experienced …

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Stars Bursting in Air!

New Year’s was a joyful experience and January brought forth a wonderful trip by Divine Appointment and the generosity of my cousin as well as support of my daughter.  Therefore it seems that it burst forward and I experienced the joy of being continually win joyful starlight. Together with a good friend we evolved in …

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Stars of Love Light

Needless to say  this has been a year of major changes and conflicts among so many as they find their root values are challenged it seems all over the world. Those of us who wish to separate from conflict and  explore all that we can do to create peace among all that is transpiring are …

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The Tangled Yarn

It appears that more so over the past year, many things are changing daily and rapidly, even for those of us that take the time too meditate and think the day through as we awake or contemplate the next day before we retire in gratitude for the day we had. So many I know are …

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What Colors Are Your Costume?

In my first an only philosophy class, the first thing the instructor did was ask each of us to describe a chair. Answered varied, it’s light wood. It’s straight. It has no arms. It is so cal, so wide, so deep and whatever else we could all think of. I thought at the time it …

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I AM Right!

Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone on a variety of topics who suddenly asks you on a more personal basis how things are going with one of you friends?  Have you ever had that someone suddenly interrupt you while you are answering that question and declare that isn’t true?  “You are …

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I have had a lot of work done lately at home, and of course, the weather is more than hot. I find myself very able to enter the energy fields of all my helpers and can honestly say I am extremely grateful for all who are helping me. Each one not only does the work …

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Usually, when I discuss the moment, the only possible reality we experience, I usually  discuss Sacred Space. Well today within one hour of waking up,  I was in happy and happy was in every cell of my being. This is several hours later hours later and I am still in happy. My deepest desire is …

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