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I have had a lot of work done lately at home, and of course, the weather is more than hot. I find myself very able to enter the energy fields of all my helpers and can honestly say I am extremely grateful for all who are helping me. Each one not only does the work …

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Usually, when I discuss the moment, the only possible reality we experience, I usually  discuss Sacred Space. Well today within one hour of waking up,  I was in happy and happy was in every cell of my being. This is several hours later hours later and I am still in happy. My deepest desire is …

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Love Songs

Dear Friends, My daughter who is an exquisite expression of love, kindness, and immeasurable caring for others since she was a very, very little girl continues as an adult to express her compassion and understanding for others as well as for her husband and daughters. While they were courting my son-in-law for a Valentine’s weekend …

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The Perfection of Imperfection

I find myself contemplating the perfection of imperfection. Some Spiritual Belief Systems believe we leave the perfection which actually includes no judgments of any kind or emotions either of The Universe to come to earth to have these experiences, to gain a knowledge of feeling good or bad, hate or love and everything else. These schools also …

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April Showers Bring….?

You see the question mark after what April Showers bring. The entire planet is currently bursting continually by changing events, ideas, challenges, people.  It’s all happening so quickly, it appears to me that daily events at home and everywhere else are changing instantaneously. In other words the instants are shorter and quicker. For someone who loves public speaking …

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Not too long ago, I was discussing my passion for Hypnosis, with a friend of mine.  Manytimes, to initiate the process, we tell a client. to let themselves relax  and as I count the numbers, to  breathe.  On the exhale breathe.  (This is only one way of creating a deep state of relaxation.)  At any …

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From The Deepest Part Of Our Hearts

Our minister on Sunday February 11th was talking about how we can go on and on and on affirming positive statements and saying we are grateful we already have our desired intentions. However, he brought up the equation E=R+O. Now the E is the Event or Experience. R is how we Respond to it, which …

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Apple Demonstrates the Truth

Some of us have exploded into the New Year immersed in extraordinarily exciting and enthusiastic energy emerging in our cells. I have to tell you while it’s exciting, it also requires a discipline to reign in like the bronco busters of the past, bounced up and on the horses they are taming. And I mean that in a literal …

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My Favorite Store

Today I had one of my favorite loving , amazing experiences. I went to Barnes and Noble. At this time in my life, there is no store more special to me than Barnes and Noble, an island of spiritual remembering and also part of the now experience. Naturally at this time of year, they are all prepared for …

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I’m In Love With Who You Truly Are

And the title is the Truth!! I was at a very nice workshop on business creation and marketing done by one of the Chamber of Commerce members and we were doing a group exercise. We were searching for that special something that makes us stand out in our given path. I thought, well I am a service. …

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