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April Blog (like April love ) is like a breath of Spring!!

At some point I tell all my clients the following. It was a famous quote and there are variations of it: The essence is this: When the pain of where you are becomes greater than your fear of the unknown, change happens. Interestingly enough, that change could be positive or negative depending on your frame of thinking. …

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The Stability of Change

Greetings Everyone, While most people begrudgingly admit they do not like change, being the mis-matcher that I am, I LOVE CHANGE!!! Change is after all, at this time in the Universe, the only permanent principle. Think about your phones, your computers, your iPads, your notebooks, your tablets. Daily, they all go through, I cannot even begin to …

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Highest Good

Now that we have passed through January with new plans, goals and resolutions, we are coming to the end of February. We have been reminded of the greatness of Washington and Lincoln, honoring Black History and all founded we would help on love. February with its romance, Valentines evolved from the love and faith of those seeking spiritual …

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Open Up and Receive

Happy New Year everyone. Some years ago, an MLM marketing person was attempting to interest me to become involved with a liquid elixir. He had a whole book full of testimonials about the miraculous changes it had made for so many. I read this broad range of wonderful changes and then I said to him: “You know, …

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Sacred Silence

In May of l976, on the eve of my return to New York, I woke up in my room in my folks home in Florida in the early hours of the morning. I woke up to the Silence. My first awareness was silence. Then I heard the sound of silence. It was my first experience to actually …

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Energetic Thoughts

Have you ever thought about thoughts as energy? Really. Stop and think of one thought that you continually allow to run through your mind. Of course, the first thing you have to do is catch up with it and bring it back to you. But just one thought. Now imagine that thought as an image. What does it …

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Hello World 2: The Mystery of Energy

I love the idea of imagining encompassing the entire world and even beyond to the unseen worlds around us. Welcome to all. Now I said I would continue with this energy business and I am. For the time in which we are here now, it appears that for sure we are all energy beings, The …

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Hello world! The Phenomena of Hypnosis

Greetings to everyone who has a desire to find out more about the wonderful phenomena we call hypnosis. One of the simplest definitions of hypnosis is: it occurs when a suggestion by-passes the critical factor of the conscious mind and is accepted into the subconscious mind as truth. When I was small I was intrigued by the …

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