Awake, Aware, Rethink and Repair

I’m glad I believe time is an illusion because here we are mid-year, 2019 and I’m still looking for January and February.

Nevertheless, it is not hard to understand why so many express being absent-minded: being early, late, wrong day, month etc.  Seem exaggerated?  No kidding. It is happening.

At any rate, over the years I have come to be less rattled when my plans, careers, etc. go off course for various reasons: However, no matter what the seemingly apparent  reason, the cause is apparently created by me.

Now, in order not to lose my happy place, my sense of value, self-worth, identity and all the other handy synonyms, there are trunkfuls of excuses and reasons I and the rest of us can relate to.  It was our culture; it was our upbringing;  I didn’t have a mother; I didn’t have a father; I didn’t have a brother or a sister or I had too many. I was the oldest, I was the youngest; I was the middle child; We moved too often; we never went anywhere; mom or dad had too many jobs; or mom and dad were working night and day to build their own, and of course, our DNA! :Etc, etc. etc. etc. as said by the King of Siam.  (In case you didn’t know that was from a hit play and later movie, The King and I.)

So, I am now of the (I’m not sure anymore what to call it) evolved point, maturation, stagnant point (depending on whose listening) , enlightenment, education ie: degree, h.s., college BA., Master, Certifications, Master Certification, Spiritual insight, etc. etc. etc. (again).

As a student of metaphysics and one who accepts life is eternal, this is my theory. This is one chapter, phase, or book on our pattern  of change until we are translated into the Truth.

 In this lifetime we chose all the experiences we have in order to learn perhaps specific or groups of lessons before we graduate here and return to home base.

I am also a pretty firm believer that everything known and unknown is energy vibrating more or less or in-between in everything: humans and inhuman,  what appears to be life and that which does not.

One of my favorite past times or day dreaming if you choose is imaging what my energy pattern is: the shape, the colors, the movement, the stillness, the dark and light bright and dull aspects of that energy. I thoroughly enjoy this. I CONTEMPLATE IT!  I love that work so much better than meditate (the very thought of which I find exhausting. Too many steps.) In contemplating my energy can flow, dance,  doze, fly (and when it’s flying it’s much faster than a plane and I’m not crammed in a seat.) this is really great.

That leads me to whatever I chose to do when I awake which includes keeping appointments I make or other activities I decided upon within reason. If somehow the Universe is not on the same page with the day, I will live to see another. That’s great when you are where  I am ,13.

That’s (7 +6 =13) and as one of my dear friends says there’s always another way!’

However, I heard something very interesting today which created another.: awake, aware, rethink, and repair!

Someone on morning talk observed that.  The President gets himself into hot water so to speak because while he has definite ideas on what is or isn’t, he doesn’t actually stop to create a plan that accomplishes this. In his impatience he speaks and moves instantly sabotaging his goals.


I was awake and became aware of the meaning of that statement as I perceive it. That led to rethink my casual line up for my day. Am I missing some of the steps I would benefit from? Am I leaving too much for the Universe to do for me? How many more intermediate steps are required? Will they be efficient? Will they allow the stress-free manner in which I now move?

I will now stop for June, 2019.  Between now and July I will be doing more contemplating to be sure I am on the right path at this time. And if I am not, I choose not to collapse and give up the ghost so to speak.  I will be continuing to act on my contemplating.

Many Blessings, Gloria

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