October always brings for me the anticipation of imagining all the fun that can be had before Halloween. To my surprise, the almanac says Oct. l6th brings the Hunter’s Moon. It still feels like Harvest Moon to me. However, amidst our Halloween expectations, fun, parties costume creating, this year, an election year, the hunters I think are among us. Even so I wish everyone a wonderful Halloween season.
While I am not an astrology fan, just for fun, I looked up the Astrological sign covering the Halloween season which is Libra, representing balance and harmony.
This year with all that is going on all over our planet as well as our elections and the storms that have come to “haunt” us, it’s a good idea to focus on balance. These natural disasters have pulled people apart, tossed them out of their homes, businesses, etc. Many chose to leave the planet also in this chaotic environment.

I think for all of us, it is important to focus on gaining personal balance and focus on tapping the inner self to listen to exactly what that is supposed to be for us individually.
This brings me back to the origin of the principle. The phenomena of homeostasis observes that all life, from the least physically or intelligently have the ability to seek out the best way to stay in balance. One of my favorite university professors began the class on the psychology of personality development with the story of minnows, these tiny little, I guess, pre-fish forms of life. He noted that observing them finding the Light was the best way to stay in balance for the best life, tiny as it was.
We also know from the phenomena of photosynthesis, plants naturally go towards the light to receive energy and continue to grow.
Imagine, our Creator, who or whatever that may be, according to your own belief, made all these beautiful simple forms of life and continued to progress with more intricate life forms, but all these forms focus on and are mindful of their need to remain in balance; to do so they go towards the Light.
Then how come we homo sapiens, presumed to be the highest form of intelligence are rollicking in this discombobulated mess?? The Universe has given us so many examples and opportunities to learn from the simplest form, finally progressing to higher forms to teach us this lesson. What’s wrong with us.   It seems to be the solution is to focus on finding balance and the key to doing that is to focus on the Light.
That may be literally getting out in the fresh air but most probably clearing our thinking and mentally creating the Light we need to find our truth.
Contemplating on this leads me to the conclusion that for each of us to root ourselves in balance, focus on what is best for our bodies and minds, the way to do this is focus in on how to get to the Light.
There are various ways to do this: meditation, self-hypnosis, various healing processes, Theta, Reconnection, Reiki, Therapeutic and Healing Touch and maybe just sitting in the Silence.
Rather than rattle on about this that and the other creating more distraction, I leave focusing on which process for you to contemplate is the best for you.
I know for me, this brings a grounding, a lifting of the Spirit, and sense of purpose. May each of you find your own strength and presence by exploring this process, seeking the Light.
Blessings, Gloria


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