Beyond Mindfulness to Beingness

Greetings everyone.

Spring, the season, is about to come forth. I am anticipating more wonderful new discoveries for myself and to share with others. I invite you to listen to the interviews with KC Armstrong on the home page. Much of what I say is open for debate. Nevertheless, it is my perception of my passion, the process of hypnosis and what it does.

Again, mindfulness and meditation gets a great deal of attention in the media and on the web. Some of us dealing with hypnosis explain to our clients meditation is a form of hypnosis. It’s like taking the local train whereas hypnosis as we practice it is the express.

One of the principles we practice is the importance of remaining in the now. At a fundraising event this past week end, I was in conversation with another colleague and I was sharing a different way of getting to meditation, a short cut I found on the IACT forum which appealed to me. 

The practitioner demonstrating this happened to say although meditation and mindfulness are good for health, reducing blood pressure, etc. she didn’t have the patience so she shared this technique.

I told my colleague that immediately appealed to me (even though I can converse for hours)like to take the shortest distance between two points. He in turn, responded on the power and effectiveness of contemplation. Get to the “silence” and be aware of what you are receiving.

Sunday evening, I saw a portion of an interview the late Bob Simon of CBS 60 Minutes had done after the 2004 Tsunami. He traveled to the Adaman Sea islands where the “Sea Gypsies,” who call themselves the Moken. While the tsunami killed over 280,000 in Indonesia, these people survived. Their villages were destroyed but they were saved because they were aware of what was coming and went to higher ground along with the animals.

This is an ancient civilization of individuals who live completely in the present moment. Their language has no words for hello, good bye or any word that equates with time or any sense of it. The language also has no words for when, where, want or worry.

Can you even imagine a people who live so completely in the now, in their beingness who have no need for words like when, want, or worry or time?! If they do not see someone for two hours, days, weeks or years, there is no reaction. They stay at peace in the moment. One of the elders recognized the change in the sea, heard the silence as the animals had left and warned the others.

This is a society with no materialism. Babies learn to swim and dive before they can walk. An elder can dip his spear off his boat and catch a fish and then carefully clean away the poisonous part and have a breakfast. 

Those of us in civilization exhaust ourselves with schedules, planners, materialistic goals. If we are not relentlessly driving ourselves to do more, we lose our self-esteem. We think, what’s wrong with me?! Perhaps nothing. Perhaps your inner, higher being is attempting to get your attention.

Do we take the time to stop and think even beyond mindfulness to beingness? Unless we go to a Buddhist monastery or other self-improvement temporary oasis, do we truly consider and value our beingness?

I have to admit I have been exploring this aspect recently and life is so much more joyful, peaceful and worth living in my beingness.

If I can be of any assistance to anyone who would like to explore this path, I will be glad to coach you into the process in the same way I am coaching myself.

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