Not too long ago, I was discussing my passion for Hypnosis, with a friend of mine.  Manytimes, to initiate the process, we tell a client. to let themselves relax  and as I count the numbers, to  breathe.  On the exhale breathe.  (This is only one way of creating a deep state of relaxation.)  At any rate, I mentioned some people become agitated, when asked to breathe deeply.

My friend, spontaneously said that’s because deep breathing allows the oxygen to go to your cells, quickly.  That awakens the cell memory of some traumatic experiences, bringing them to the surface which the subjects choose not to do at this time.

I thought about that and said that may well be true. It reminds me of what Dave Elman, renowned American hypnosis teacher and practitioner taught. He taught that Hypnosis is simply a state of mind, in that part of the mind, which passes judgment, then is by passed and  an idea is accepted wholeheartedly.

I thought about all of this again and thought to myself, and I decided what it is we are all probably avoiding in any situation we are choosing to change is fear.

No matter what route you choose, what choices you make, the stumbling block is fear.

Fear is the emotion that wraps itself around our mind, our bodies, et al. and whispers into our entire systems: what if I can’t do it?  What if I fail?  What if they reject me? Etc., etc., etc.

That particular emotion tends to paralyze us. How many times have you heard someone describe a horrible situation using the expression, “I was so scared, I held my breath! Paralysis! I froze!?”

BREATHEThe energy beings that we are freeze in those moments. The freeze quickly melts. In that melting we can lose part of the energy essence we really are or we may free up a more powerful expression of the essence of our being by breathing.

This is one of the great mysteries in which we live and make our choices.

One of my favorite personal affirmations is: every second of every day I am dividing 25,000,000 happy healthy laughing perfect youthful God cells into my being. This is my choice.

Part of that statement is a Universal scientifically proven fact. Every second of every day we divide 25,000,000 cells into our bodies. The second part is the gift of choice the Universe gives us. They are either happy, healthy, perfect, youthful, God cells or duplications of less than perfect ones. The choice is ours.

We can choose to breathe or not to breathe.

What choice do you make? If you would like to change how you change, give me a call.


Blessings, Gloria








    • Mercedes on March 20, 2018 at 1:18 pm
    • Reply

    To breathe or not to breathe? Breathing is an act that happens subconsciously. However, if I choose to bring breathing to consciousness it now becomes a form of meditation, creation and an awareness of Life. Thank God it happens whether I think about it or not. Thank God I have to option to do it consciously.

    Thank you Gloria for reminding me of this amazing life giving gift.

    1. You’re welcome Mercedes and thank you for sharing. -Gloria

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