So What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

Dear Friends,

A very Happy New Year to everyone. January has slipped quickly by. To those interested in the mystical and quantum physics and all the theories about the disappearance of time or the quickening of time, maybe I am still ok with Happy New Year. I have made a point of saying “Happy New Year” every day this month to everyone I encounter.

On another note, those who follow this blog know that I repeat two theories. One, is that almost everything we accept in our consciousness as true for us, is hypnosis. The other theory is that we and all else is energy. Therefore, every change in thought or belief is changing the energy.

Now lately, I have been enjoying a lovely Science of Mind church. It is the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Beaches whose leader is Rev. Marcia Mc Lean, a lovely, lovely, leader who walks her talk every inch of the way. They have a basic construct they call the “treatment” which consists of five easy steps. Since this is a spiritual center, it begins with the premise that what we call or think of as God or Creator is everything and everywhere. You then acknowledge your oneness with the Creator, which is logical because if what we call God or Creator are everywhere then we are one with that which created us. Therefore, we are creating everything in our existence. We express gratitude, release it and so it is.

As we accept this construct, use it, feel it, and take it into our cells, we find really nice changes in and around us. I also call that an excellent example of entering hypnosis, leading us to a wonderful altered state.

I am also becoming interested in principles of neuroscience. In this case, science has investigated how the brain functions and creates our responses, feelings, and behavior. There are some great easy techniques to accomplish the changes we desire.

From my personal belief system and there are others who believe as I do and many who do not, this would also result in changes in our energy.

So I am asking myself, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Does that sound like trite thinking, old hat? Probably, it is. But guess what, it’s fun too!

In Science of Mind (Religious Science) we view the Spiritual foundations from a scientific formula so to speak. Hypnosis is the process by which we accept changes in beliefs through dominant suggestions for change. We deal with the mind. In neuroscience and use of neuroplasticity, we observe where the physical changes corresponding to our thinking and emotions take place in the brain.

Therefore, for any one of us, the area we choose to use for healing of our mental thoughts, emotions, and behavior, depends on which of the above (and probably much more is out there) that we choose to believe, accept and use to recreate our positive selves. In all cases, energy changes.

So what came first, the chicken or the egg? Only you have the answer. Only you gravitate to the system that your inner wisdom guides you to for a better you.

In practicing hypnosis, we merge and meld all of these things to get you where you want to be.

I look forward to working in any of these areas with anyone who would like to adventure onto these paths along with me to explore and create their own positive changes.

Feel free to call for an appointment.

Blessings, Gloria

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