Energetic Thoughts

Have you ever thought about thoughts as energy? Really. Stop and think of one thought that you continually allow to run through your mind. Of course, the first thing you have to do is catch up with it and bring it back to you. But just one thought.

Now imagine that thought as an image. What does it look like? Is it dark? Is it light? Is it black and white? Is it colorful? Does your thought have harmonious color? Does it have contrasting color? What is the pattern? This may seem ridiculous to you, but if you take the time to contemplate, if you choose, you may be able to see the colors, patterns and shades of your energetic thoughts.

Now as you look at those patterns, allow yourself the experience of how they make you feel. You will have at least three choices: happy, unhappy, or void of feeling. As you consider how you feel about your energetic thoughts, imagine it traveling around you in your auric field. There it is energy. Science now knows that everything is composed of energy and thereby living.

As you continue to imagine how this pattern moves around you, how it makes you feel, go one step further. How do others view you? While they may not see your energy pattern, invisible or not, they also can feel it. How will they feel it and how will it affect your interactions with them.

What are your energetic thoughts? And how have they effected you or the people around you in a certain situation or played a role in your daily life? Please feel free to share any stories, comments or feedback, as I always look forward to them.

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