From The Deepest Part Of Our Hearts

Our minister on Sunday February 11th was talking about how we can go on and on and on affirming positive statements and saying we are grateful we already have our desired intentions.

However, he brought up the equation E=R+O. Now the E is the Event or Experience. R is how we Respond to it, which in turn, leads to the Outcome. That is a simplification of the process.

He pointed out that dutifully practicing the positive statements and being grateful in advance is supposed to manifest our desires or intentions, because theoretically when we do this we have faith that is has already happened in the others.

Personally, I prefer to say we have the trust, accept easily and in a relaxed way that the desire is coming into manifestation.

From The Deepest Part Of Our HeartsHas anyone ever attempted to grow an avocado tree from the pit? Some 20+ years ago, the sister of a friend of mine, told me how to do this. You put toothpicks in the sides of the pit and hang it with the narrow end in a glass of water. Then you just keep adding the water. This could take a month of so but eventually you see this little piece come out of the bottom. Keep watering and eventually there are four> they look like the roots of molars. Eventually the top cracks and deep inside you can see these microscopic tiny greens that is to become the tree. I was so excited I grew six trees and eventually gave them away for lack of space.

It was great learning experience for me, but the best part was trusting the sister of my friend to know what she was teaching and thereby getting to enjoy the daily watering of the glass of water.

That comes to the minister’s lesson. It’s not enough to have faith or trust that the affirmations done in such as way as to say they are already accomplished.

The real secret to all of this, of course, is very simple.

It is: Enjoy the expression of gratitude that you r desires have already materialized. Just plain enjoy it!!! In the joy there is a more wonderful movement of good energy and chemistry and maybe electricity. A scientist I am not.

Even work more easily and with more fun if we create our statements in laughter, which I think usually, contributes to the joy.

Because really, we are not the thinkers. Rather we are channelers of the thinker who have been given the gift of free will.

When we choose to use it in joy, with no resistance, but acceptance of the truth of it, the kingdom is ours right now.


Blessings, Gloria



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