Stars Bursting in Air!

New Year’s was a joyful experience and January brought forth a wonderful trip by Divine Appointment and the generosity of my cousin as well as support of my daughter.  Therefore it seems that it burst forward and I experienced the joy of being continually win joyful starlight. Together with a good friend we evolved in many exciting evolutionary experiences with happy endings.

What is actually going on or in the physical plane (since we still physically function in the third dimension while experiencing steps to move into higher ones)  is increased exploration and development of our energy fields and really improving the creations of our own realities.

We are incorporating “energy medicine” techniques into our daily plan, beginning the day with five minute or so daily energy routines from Donna Eden’s work and expanding and exploring how we effectively improve our own health, mental attitudes, and what we are creating.

I blog monthly so those who need to see physical proof I am still actively moving in the physical realm, but at the same time, I ask myself ,how can I express my truth this month  to provide another perception or aspect on the learning journey. (I know change occurs each moment but is not necessarily obvious).

Therefore I am sharing the experience of Stars bursting in air! The more I  practice and am mindful of the techniques that increase  my awakening and awareness, the more I am able to rethink and repair myself and my plan on this journey. I feel like joyful stars are bursting in the environment.

I have come to the conclusion that for those who are interested in my services, I choose to focus  on daily contemplation. I love the term contemplation. Every few years or so we have new “buzz”words. For the past ten years or so (I think) meditation was replaced with mindfulness. Now, in this “sacred instant” (since time for me is an illusion of this lifetime) I am loving and living with easy use of contemplation!

That may be an oxymoron when talking about stars bursting in air, but it works for me in my personal reality. Daily, each moment has become more contemplative, but also more exciting.

Feeling the energy that I am more thoroughly and completely as I move and in my Beingness, it is workable. It is very compatible with my sort of permanent awareness that change is the only permanent principle in the Universe (or maybe universes??).

Now within this exciting evolutionary experience, for me, is the momentary necessity of viewing everything from a place of love. It means declaring : “I Am Love.”  This is my purpose on the planet:  to be a vehicle of unconditional love continually and allow it to expand around me to others here, there and everywhere.

I am declaring this as my purpose,  why I think I am here.  It also means this is my goal and I am continually working toward it. It does not mean I have yet arrived at its perfection. As a matter of fact, my definition of perfection within myself is honoring the imperfection in others. I feel that allows flexibility around the edges of my unique energy pattern on the planet which then permits harmonious merging  with the energies of others ideally. It is still a work in progress.

This is how I plan my day. I address The Lord as my eyes open. (That is I address the Lord as the undefinable mystery of the Universe or Universes as I am able to contemplate.)  Then I express my gratitude that I may meet and serve all those chosen for me by this Undefinable  Love and Wisdom Source and by its grace I am prospered and overflowing.

In closing in this month of Valentines, love being center stage, this is my purpose:

Dear Lord, I Praise and Bless You, that in this day, I meet and serve all those you have chosen for me by Divine Appointment, and by your Grace I am prospered, pressed down and overflowing.

May we all continue  on our own unique paths to explore and find the truth that sets us all  free.


Stars of Love Light

Needless to say  this has been a year of major changes and conflicts among so many as they find their root values are challenged it seems all over the world.

Those of us who wish to separate from conflict and  explore all that we can do to create peace among all that is transpiring are really having to put a  great deal into our positive thoughts and do our best to dismantle the negative.

There are quite a few instances of channeled communications that are  reported come from much higher evolved beings on the other side.All remind us that we are true children of the Creator and we are here learning our various lessons and doing all we can to create love and peace.

Many talk about how our earth was  seeded by highly evolved beings to be a planet of love and peace. I am not about to say whether or not these things are so.

However, I have been toying with the idea of seeding. If we can imagine that each of us is a star of love light in the Universe, ( Stars represent  so much of love and romance and light which of course they are,) it seemed to me if we could just imagine that each of us is a precious beautiful star shining our love light among others all around us in our immediate   circumstances and extending that to others all over the planet, how exquisite that could be.

I find it exciting to imagine that I am a star of love scattering seeds of Love Light all around me and all around the planet.

Of course those of you who  read this blog know that as someone who works with energy and the power of suggestions, that the subconscious mind knows not the difference between immediate so-called reality from that which is imagined.  

So if each of us takes a little time to contemplate we are really stars of love light seeding the planet with more love and light which permeates into all others and allows them to experience the joy and wonder of love and light, how exciting that could be. After all  thoughts are energy and we and our planet are energy beings.

Each of us creating our own Universe immersed in shimmering stars of love and light which  bless and raise each and every other human being to this place of magnificence, what an extraordinary feat that would be.

In that thought and with that mission we can truly celebrate all the cultures and traditions and sacred holidays that each of us embraces and truly have a glorious holiday season and abundantly joyous New Year.

While we are about this mission, contemplating each of us is a star of Love Light seeding the planet with more love and light, within each of us, may be discover the Truth that sets us all free.

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Happy Holidays to all my friends sharing their Love and Light.

Blessings, Gloria

The Tangled Yarn

It appears that more so over the past year, many things are changing daily and rapidly, even for those of us that take the time too meditate and think the day through as we awake or contemplate the next day before we retire in gratitude for the day we had.

So many I know are having all. Kinds of business and personal experiences and challenges going on at the same time. I find as I listen to their stories and toss my own in with it. We all seem to be balancing or attempting to balance on huge thick pieces of bubble wrap popping up all around us as we desperately attempt to stay straight up!

It reminds me of a client I had some time back who before she came to see me was sharing her stresses and confusion about decision-making on the phone. Continue reading

What Colors Are Your Costume?

In my first an only philosophy class, the first thing the instructor did was ask each of us to describe a chair. Answered varied, it’s light wood. It’s straight. It has no arms. It is so cal, so wide, so deep and whatever else we could all think of.

I thought at the time it was annoying  but it laid the groundwork for a great understanding. It is not likely that any two people saw the chair the same way.

Now I love and am fascinated by color. I decided to research it a tiny little bit on the computer and know that all colors somehow are a combination of red, green and blue. What we see is how they are combined and mixed together.The energy they emit is relative to the additive mixing of the primary colors.

When all colors are mixed together we have white.

What fascinates me is this: how do we know if what I see as red, blue or green is what anyone else actually sees as red, blue or green. We have that which all of us see, but  how do we really see it? Science labels the names of the colors, but there really to my best knowledge, know of any way that my red looks like your red, or your blue my blue or your green, my green.

I love to use this to describe our evolution of being and our thoughts.They have wavelengths: short medium and long relating to the cones in the human eye. They are called blue sensitive, green sensitive and red sensitive. Today these wave lengths have the labels S,M. An dL.

These types of color receptors allow the grain to perceive signals from the retina as different colors. Some say humans are able to distinguish about    10 million colors.

Those of you who follow these blogs will remember how thrilled and excited I got  fining out that energy is positive and negative. Positive thoughts create higher vibrations, and negative thoughts lower vibrations. Now here I am wondering which colors really go with these different vibes. One article says that violet is the highest wavelength (if I go tit right).

So here I am with the thoughts again. What colors are your costume? How positive and constructive is your thinking. Depending on our thoughts and the colors they create is how we function and evolve.

If one is able to mix every single color together you have white! What I love about that is this who can view every single color, every single color of skin, and every thing else that goes along with these thoughts creates the costume we wear.

Look around your environment. Do you drive a blue or red or green or white car? Do you have a more complex mixture that give you a turquoise or a violet or a yellow (close to white).

How have you hidden your truth, the reality of who you are in the colors you create with your thoughts, your wavelengths and all that surrounds you?

Imagine you are Van Gogh, or Matisse, or Vermeer? You are now creating a painting.Your thoughts, your impressions, your feelings are going to determine how you paint or draw your paintings.  Can you feel the excitement, the energy, the vibration as you imagine yourself painting as your favorite artist has? How does that help you to clarify your thinking?

Do your works of art have dark place, perhaps under brighter colors? Are they hiding the parts of you that you still choose to bury? Or, have your become free of the dark and ope to the light?

For many years people used to think that dogs saw one in black and white. Experiments started in 1989, prove they also see yellows and purples (which by the way are higher vibratory colors.) I wonder if this is why we say,” Dog is man’s best friend.”

When yellow, magenta(red) and cyan are mixed together for computers/printers, you will absorb all the light and only see black because no light is reflected back to your eyes.

You can have some fun with this by going to or

I still come back to as interesting as this all is and what they designate as each color, etc. and we all agree that what we are looking at is blue, red, etc. we still cannot be sure that each of us sees what we are all indicating as red, blue, or green the same way.  All we know is that what we all look at together and agree to has the same label. There we have to stop.

Now, suppose we take a look at everything that is happening in our environment, in our country, in our world and on our planet and in our Universe.We look at the same incidents, the same people, but we don’t call them one color, one sound!! We reverse the process and instead of a beautiful painting, we have created utter chaos.

What if we all could create a painting of colors, even in our imagination, step back and look at it and release the venom to recreate peace?

What an experiment that could be!  We could convert Halloween into All Saints Day!


Blessings, Gloria

I AM Right!

Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone on a variety of topics who suddenly asks you on a more personal basis how things are going with one of you friends?  Have you ever had that someone suddenly interrupt you while you are answering that question and declare that isn’t true?  “You are wrong! Ergo I am right!”

This can be very disconcerting and frustrating to say the least.  We have all probably at some time in our life had an experience with someone like this.

When you beg to disagree, the conversation ends and you find yourself listening to a pouring out of all the reasons you are wrong because the person inquired about is wrong.

When you accept as I do that words you use are important and that the words are the consequence of our thoughts, and furthermore, our thoughts are the energy in which we live and create our environment, it is a difficult situation.

In my professions, the ministry and hypnosis practitioner, I find myself having to step back, stay away, and regroup my thinking, my energy, my healing and really go into the God Space or as the Tao says the All That Is.

I really have to work out the pieces of what I have been creating, what is the lesson I am learning, and how do I resolve this particular situation.

After all, others are coming to me for Spiritual advice and counseling and assistance on how  to deal in what we call the reality of our world at this time.

I find I can center into a loving, focused place immersed in the Spiritual energy necessary to assist my clients and acquaintances. That’s the easy part. I step back and draw on the Pure Loving Healing Energy of the Universe and allow the answer to flow through and from me.

The challenge is how I do my own healing quickly that allows me to be centered in who I AM and at the same time tap into the Universe to seek out how to approach the very one who declared I responded incorrectly to the question of how the third party is. It’s even more amazing when the one seeking the answer does not know the other at all nor have any idea of the life situation of that person. The asker merely has heard the name.

When I resolve and release my immediate frustration, the heavy praying and listening part is next. For myself, I find that any attempt to ask the other person to just step back a moment and look at other possibilities, I have found it will not happen during that interchange. It is best to be silent and wait on the Universe, Spirit, or All That Is. to furnish the answer.

The personality that is quick to declare you are wrong also lets you know, “I AM Right!”

For myself, I choose to seek the truth. But what is the truth?  In the give and take of these situations, each person and the third person (the one inquired about) each has their own truth.

On the other hand, the Universe itself, the All That Is(Tao) actually I am inclined to accept does have the absolute truth.

The other three of us each has our interpretation of the truth based on our life experience, our philosophies, and the extent to which we embrace and honor the truths of others.

There is a famous Japanese play that I do not remember the name of that has also been made into various adaptations but it teaches a great lesson.

Three beggars are sitting on the outside of a town. There is a great deal of talk going on about a trial. A thief accosted a husband and wife. In the struggle the husband was injured. Each of the three people: the thief, the husband, and the wife tell a different version. The thief claims he overpowered the husband. The wife claims the husband was protecting her honor, and the husband says he was successfully defending their property.

The three beggars are attempting to decide who is telling the truth. Each has an opinion. However, one of the beggars witnessed the event. He claimed the thief stopped the couple and the husband tried to chase him. He pulled a saber and the husband started running with the thief chasing him and he tripped and fell. The wife merely watched.

I saw this play a considerable number of years ago as a teenager and each of the explanations were enacted from the viewpoint of  the thief, husband, and wife.   When the beggar who witnessed this relates the story, it is again enacted and it is actually hilarious. Neither the thief or the husband was successful and the embarrassed wife attempted to make her husband the hero.

I saw this play at a neighborhood playhouse when I was sixteen and  never forgot it.  I learned then and there, every  story has three truths: the other person’s, mine, and the ultimate truth of the Universe we seek to find.

When I am looking to solve my own issue, I have to really rewash my own thinking and clean my own energy. Somewhere lurking in my human being is something left to clear, release and learn from.

Each time I am able to do this, I am a better counselor and all connected with me, all of us are closer to the Truth that sets us all free!


Blessings, Gloria


I have had a lot of work done lately at home, and of course, the weather is more than hot.

I find myself very able to enter the energy fields of all my helpers and can honestly say I am extremely grateful for all who are helping me.

Each one not only does the work seriously but really gets into it and I feel I am in their energy fields  and energy commitment to creating a masterful job and the satisfaction they get while doing it. It does not always leave them physically ok —especially in this heat, but I admire the persistence and dedication and desire to create a wonderful experience for me.

What about my obsession with the concept of work?

The dictionary definition for the noun is: work is  an activity  or mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. 

Physics also has a scientific definition and ( I won’t share with you how  much “work” I did reading this stuff which I don’t understand and cannot explain, but it was fun taking a stab at.) I’ll say only this. I went  through sixteen pages on Alba (my computer) searching and work is measurable, not for the average person of my generation but I sure cannot speak for the current folks.

The SI unit of work is the joule (J) which is defined as the work expended by a force of one newton through a displacement of one meter.

An example is:  l kg object from ground level to over a person’s head against the force of gravity:  The work is doubled either by lifting twice the weight the same distance or the same weight twice the distance.

Work and energy are closely related. (Naturally, because quantum physics has taught. That everything is energy moving at different vibrations)

Now here, I think, is the meat. Work energy principle says that an increase in the kinetic energy of a rigid body is caused by an equal amount of positive work done on the body by the resultant force acting on that body. Conversely, a decrease in kinetic energy is caused by an equal amount of negative work done by the resultant force.

Now if we use the  principle work is mental or physical, we can see how powerful our THOUGHTS  really ARE???!!!

Negative thoughts decrease the kinetic energy while positive thoughts increase it!!!!

With all the dull stuff I just shared, this was why I did it.  I was looking for that answer not really knowing I was.

Positive thinkers and wise philosophers and religious teachers have been sharing and teaching this from probably before the year of the flood. 

Sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t. Bu I am now incredibly excited while at the same time I am immersed in a wonderful, peaceful happy energy affirming for me I finally hit the right nail on the right head.

In my personal life, after most of my school years, I found what  I called work which was whatever career or job  I had at the time: I enjoyed them. There was always something new to learn, new people to meet, new ideas, etc.  When the time came I no longer felt the job joyful,  changed careers or jobs and kept the momentum up.

I  came to the conclusion that all those helping me even under my perception of stress on them led me to the conclusion that their positive commitments to their task created positive kinetic energy far outweighed  my perception of difficulty.

So I’m  concluding with the gratitude and joy in having the great folks who help me, and I know that when I settled down and accepted that at the right time, the right persons would appear, it happened.

When I changed my kinetic energy from negative to positive, it all came right.

I leave you all with that idea and many blessings in your daily lives  that all your work is joyful.


Blessings, Gloria



Usually, when I discuss the moment, the only possible reality we experience, I usually  discuss Sacred Space.

HappyWell today within one hour of waking up,  I was in happy and happy was in every cell of my being. This is several hours later hours later and I am still in happy. My deepest desire is that from the core of. my heart I am truly sending out, radiating that happiness to all around me and further into the Universe to everyone in every place.

I have concluded that cutting off what we call the “Real World” at this point in my personal human and spiritual growth is a good idea.

This past Sunday our minister was discussing how our addictions take away from our personal power.  He pointed out the balance necessary of the major components of the God self, the shadow side, and the conscious. He was pointing out that when are thinking of the necessity of living in our Spiritual spot constantly, we are separated  from too much of the practical. I understand this is.  a truth.

However, right now for me I am totally immersed in happy and I am experiencing more strength and confidence in my happy as my truth shouts rather than whispers it’s the way to go to help our planet and all that who are living on it.

Of course we are in our birthday month and I can recreate our birth in success and more happy as I totally focus beyond the “real world” and nourish my being I  love the esoteric wonderful  essence of pure love and goodness in all.

HappyNow in so doing this, I am keeping my physical being in a rather isolated spot away from the all, but it is here than I can really practice and grow in my loving.

For those no longer in my personal vibration I bless them in love and light and certainly in happy as much as I am able to send and release them to their own higher paths and their own wonderful happy, happy, happy.  I also send my happy to all who are close to me as well as those who only appear to be unknown to me in our universe.

May each and every one sooner than later discover the truth that sets us all free. It would be delightful if being in happy is part of your truth and that  it helps you to feel free.


In Love  In the Light, Gloria



Love Songs

Dear Friends,

My daughter who is an exquisite expression of love, kindness, and immeasurable caring for others since she was a very, very little girl continues as an adult to express her compassion and understanding for others as well as for her husband and daughters.

While they were courting my son-in-law for a Valentine’s weekend took her to a lovely castle.

love songsMy granddaughters are exquisite examples of children nurtured to be who they are and cherished by their parents. Talented and loving and expressive in caring for others they have learned wonderful lessons from their parents.

My daughter shared with me this month what she had learned in her mediation.        

Love begins in the heart. There it has its beginnings. We are born in love. When healing is needed, it is important to focus on the heart center. This is the center and creation of love and true healing. When we allow our focus to be on the heart, we can listen and hear the wisdom and healing it has to offer. We can then raise or vibrations to expand its perfect gift all around us.

She is so right, especially in these times of our evolving universe and all the rapid changes that is occurring. I began practicing this again this week. It is so important to begin the day focusing on this place, this wonderful heart, the center of our being and our personal expression. We can allow our hearts to heal us as we listen for its lessons.

The more I thought about this, the more I remembered from when I was very little and how I loved love songs. I loved beautiful light music surrounding me with happiness and filling my being with joy. So many beautiful melodies that appear to have been lost in our current computerized world, but for me I find I can return to them and re-experience that joy and inspiration, the lightheartedness that is so truly wonderful.

There are many spiritual temples, churches, and I am sure, Buddhist and Islamic places of worship that have their own love songs.

I know in my place of worship we many such joyful songs.

Then I remember the melodies of my childhood that surrounded me and filled me with all that joy. You Are Love, I’m Falling in Love with Someone, Speak to Me of Love, and

Ah Sweet Mystery of Life.   Ah sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you. Now I know the secret of it all, for it’s love and love alone the world is seeking and it is love alone that rules for aye (me).

My wish for each and every one of us is to immerse ourselves in loving words daily. As we let that love flow out of our being purely and totally to each other and all others, we can heal and go forward creating a beautiful and loving planet and we canning within our hearts the love songs to others and ourselves.

Blessings, Gloria

The Perfection of Imperfection

I find myself contemplating the perfection of imperfection. Some Spiritual Belief Systems
believe we leave the perfection which actually includes no judgments of any kind or emotions either of The Universe to come to earth to have these experiences, to gain a knowledge of feeling good or bad, hate or love and everything else.

Perfection of ImperfectionThese schools also believe we do many times in an expansion of learning here how others feel and how to use this knowledge without emotion when we return to the total Perfection of the Universe where there are no feelings or emotions.

This is like thinking about the moon. We see at night the light side of the moon, but then there is the other side which is dark. Continue reading

April Showers Bring….?

You see the question mark after what April Showers bring. The entire planet is currently bursting continually by changing events, ideas, challenges, people. 

It’s all happening so quickly, it appears to me that daily events at home and everywhere else are changing instantaneously. In other words the instants are shorter and quicker. For someone who loves public speaking as I do, I manage to convert every conversation into a speech!

Since we are all energy beings created by Divine Energy many of us call God (my opinion, of course), it’s easy to experience the only permanent thing in the Universe, Change so beyond instantaneous, so that maybe I’s immeasurable by science. Therefore we may not recognize the stability of it.  Continue reading