Not too long ago, I was discussing my passion for Hypnosis, with a friend of mine.  Manytimes, to initiate the process, we tell a client. to let themselves relax  and as I count the numbers, to  breathe.  On the exhale breathe.  (This is only one way of creating a deep state of relaxation.)  At any rate, I mentioned some people become agitated, when asked to breathe deeply.

My friend, spontaneously said that’s because deep breathing allows the oxygen to go to your cells, quickly.  That awakens the cell memory of some traumatic experiences, bringing them to the surface which the subjects choose not to do at this time. Continue reading

From The Deepest Part Of Our Hearts

Our minister on Sunday February 11th was talking about how we can go on and on and on affirming positive statements and saying we are grateful we already have our desired intentions.

However, he brought up the equation E=R+O. Now the E is the Event or Experience. R is how we Respond to it, which in turn, leads to the Outcome. That is a simplification of the process.

He pointed out that dutifully practicing the positive statements and being grateful in advance is supposed to manifest our desires or intentions, because theoretically when we do this we have faith that is has already happened in the others.

Personally, I prefer to say we have the trust, accept easily and in a relaxed way that the desire is coming into manifestation. Continue reading

Apple Demonstrates the Truth

Some of us have exploded into the New Year immersed in extraordinarily exciting and enthusiastic energy emerging in our cells. I have to tell you while it’s exciting, it also requires a discipline to reign in like the bronco busters of the past, bounced up and on the horses they are taming. And I mean that in a literal explanation of the feelings.

energySome of my friends and colleagues are talking about the astrological changes, etc. That may be true but always beyond my total comprehension. I focus on my personal energy. Continue reading

My Favorite Store

Today I had one of my favorite loving , amazing experiences. I went to Barnes and Noble. At this time in my life, there is no store more special to me than Barnes and Noble, an island of spiritual remembering and also part of the now experience.

Naturally at this time of year, they are all prepared for the holidays and the children’s section is magically singing as all the characters dance about and glowingly move in the ethers around us with their joyous stories and lessons of life done as only children ‘s books are able to do. 

I can feel Pete the Cat and the Cat in the Hat along with Huckleberry Finn, Snow White, Tom Sawyer, The Count of Monte Christo and so many other wonderful characters of so many fantastic stories that taught us so much of what we know about character, discipline, courage and all else that we can possibly imagine. Each one has a place in some of our hearts and others in the hearts of others. As I meandered through the store I had the not so sudden impulse to purchase every single book on the shelves. There is no area that is left uncovered from the seeker of truth, knowledge, imagination and everything else one can possibly think of.

Then since I am a member, I sat down to enjoy my complimentary hot chocolate with nice whipped cream. Just below me sat three lovely young girls very busy writing envelope with books in front of them. I asked them if they were working on a school project and they told me they were Jehovah Witnesses sending out information into the community. They were so neat and so diligent.

Naturally, I could not keep my mouth from moving son we had a conversation about universal truths such as butterflies flapping their wings on one part of the planet affect others in other places.

I explained to them I do hypnosis not to be feared but to understand it occurs when we replace one permanent dominant belief with another and I used Columbus discovering the world was round, not flat. They immediately let me know that the “ancients’ who are quoted in the bible knew all of this way before Columbus. They quoted Job:26:7, ”He it is Who stretched out Zaphon over chaos, Who suspended earth over emptiness, He who wrapped up the waters in, His clouds, yet no cloud burst under their weight. ….He drew a boundary on the surface of the waters at the extreme where light and darkness meet” a knowing of how the Universe operates to Isaiah:40:22 It is He who sits above the circle of the earth…. indicating the ancients KNEW the earth was not flat!!.

Therefore it was not Columbus who discovered the earth was not flat but the ancients before. However, what does this indicate? It indicates the ancients already knew the earth was round. It also indicates an awareness of what we call mindfulness etc. etc.

It all comes down to we are each with the ability to tune into all the necessary knowledge that we require at any given time by listening to the voice within. Listen to the part of you that I am always in love with : Your spiritual being-ness.

How magnificent this can become! If we all make the attempt especially now, in this sacred planetary time now, time of planetary movement, that appears sacred to all major cultures, what a difference we can make to return to ourselves the gift of peace on earth.

May your holidays be peaceful, happy, and fulfilling.

Blessings, Gloria


I’m In Love With Who You Truly Are

And the title is the Truth!!

I was at a very nice workshop on business creation and marketing done by one of the Chamber of Commerce members and we were doing a group exercise. We were searching for that special something that makes us
stand out in our given path.

I thought, well I am a service. I practice and teach hypnosis to others. The reality is I am never really doing the “do to” part. Rather I guide you in the process of how to do for yourself which is the most useful.

To repeat the old saw so to speak, After going from 0 to 100 in trigonometryin college after only l5 minutes with the school counselor, I was permanently enamored with and in love with the process. No matter what
else I have done in my career and even personal life, there is nothing so totally satisfying to me as when I witness a “permanent, positive change” in the one I am guiding through the process. Continue reading

The Pure Essence?

August 27th, 2017 was the first service of the new home of the United Metaphysical Church of the Palm Beaches. Reverend Justin Terry did a magnificent job. Recently returned from a retreat so to speak in California with the one and only Tony Robbins, his service and metaphors were exceptionally wonderful. They were pure, Justin, but had an extra pure perfect energy emanating from them.

So it was during the second week, when he presented us with recognizing our very greatest enemy: He told us where to find it. Finding it was a really circuitous, complicated method: LOOK in the MIRROR!

The way he did it was really cool. At any rate, he really did lead us up or down, depending on your
perspective, the proverbial ”bridal path” to this ultimate truth.

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The Ocean

With all the chaos surrounding everyone on the planet, it appears, it is essential for me to go my place of power, trust, and inspiration.

On these days, I go to Juno Beach, Florida early in the morning before the sun is too hot or in the evening when the sun is going down. 

I have done this since I was in my teens. For quite a few years I have been unable to do this but now have again the freedom to do so.

As I walk on the long stretch of beach along the ocean, I feel the coolness and relief in my feet as they touch the semi-soft wet sand. The aroma in the air is so fresh with a light aroma of salt from the water. The clouds are doing a graceful ballet as they slide across the sky. Many times I imagine I see a large god sitting on a throne in the sky. I think to myself, this is how the ancients may have created their images of the Almighty, as well as angels and guardians. There was no artificial means of communication nor perhaps no writing yet even on stone tablets. But as I stretch my neck and look upward, above the ocean, I imagine they viewed all of this as the Supreme Almighty. Actually you might say they were correct, for as beautiful and powerful as these images I appear to see may be, the fabulous, wonderful UNKNOWN POWER, source of all allowed for their creation.

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The Ring

The ring is circular and as such represents the geometric symbol that has no beginning and no end.

Some years ago, my mother let me have a ring she had that was a lovely 14k gold with an oval shape of a decorative nature which had a semi-precious stone of purple color.

If you are into symbolism the purple represents a higher consciousness or awareness of a spiritual or metaphysical nature. 

I enjoyed wearing that ring on various occasions and was wearing it one day when I went to the grocery store. When I came home and put the bags and groceries away, I realized the ring was missing. I trotted back to the store, left messages, walked all over the parking lot and around the driveway here. I searched everywhere conceivable in the house and out of the house and at the clubhouse, etc. No ring.

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The United States of Me!

As life has it these days, people are very vocal and in great disagreement with just about everything going on nationwide as well as worldwide.

It got me to thinking of how important Unity is in the country and for all of us: for harmony, peace, cooperation and just about everything else. Charles Florence-Founder of the Unity movement, believed that the Garden of Eden is symbolic for our own bodies and Spiritual selves. When we operate from our logical minds and stay in tune with what keep our beings in balance, we remain in balance. Another way of looking at it is that the different states of our mind and brain are United in harmony and balance.  When we go to extremes we are rather fighting between our states and of course we have the phrase United We Stand, divided we fall.

We might say the parts of the brain and the way the mind functions when they are in conflict are pretty much like the states or the North and the South, our brains fighting their own Civil Wars or East is East and West and West is West and the wrong one I have chose (unless of course you are inspired to rise above all of that and choose Unity.} When we have Unity in our thinking, remain calm and balanced, when we meditate or choose a self-hypnotic trance state, we can create our own healthy balanced United States of Me. When we strength our physical armies with proper exercise and supply with right food and water we become stronger and better countries ready to lead when necessary.

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I.D. = G.I.A.

I have found myself seriously contemplating what is it really that groups of people segregate themselves from the majority of the nations, churches, or what have you that they have belonged to. What really creates groups like Al Quida and Isis?

Remember, this is just my opinion. This is my perception of what I think I see and hear. It’s not only in these violent groups but in our nations. People seem to be cutting themselves off from entire countries.

We have been experiencing that here in the U.S. Consequently they come to view those they have separated from into not so happy categories, giving them unfavorable labels, i.d.s etc.

Even if you are an atheist, you believe. You believe in the absence of God rather than the Presence of God.

My view is the following: I have learned to think of life as eternally continuous. I believe we are all energy beings, and the formation of the energy we are, the rate of movement, be it heavy or light, dark or bright, we are each a continuous strand of energy. For want of a better term, the strand of energy that we are is a part of the One Eternal Energy Source that most people call God.

The problem, it seems to me, is that so many people who accept the God idea, have in their minds created a specific personality, shape of a person or possibly an animal.

When that happens, we limit our personal power because we have reduced and limited the power of the God energy. Those who are parts of groups like ISIS Al Quida, the Ku Klux Klan, vigilantes et al. have done so because they need a sense of belonging. The original groups, countries, religions, they were born into for whatever reason seem to have excluded them. They are not a source or resource of comfort, security, employment or happiness.

As an example, today I was at an exhibit of Deco Art from around l900 to the l930s. Much of this was descriptive of erotic situations, images of women and men in behavior probably on the fringes of the societies in which they were raised. It occurred to me the elders, the disciplined ones became so fearful of the loss of their national identity, loss of the codes of honor and tradition from which they came, that in that fear of loss of control, they became militant. They put out to their people the need to become disciplined again to protect their culture. It seems to me this is how ISIS came to be. So many were from places and circumstances they lost their self-worth in those societies, wandering in feelings of no identity and so many times truthfully degrading, desperate for food, work and homes.

However they looked upon what we call God in their cultures as displeased with them,and more than likely they abandoned their orderly, loving, honorable beliefs I think primarily because the “God” they envisioned had human limitations and capable of not loving or liking its people.

I think of it like this. Creator is. Creator has no form, no politics, no right and wrongs. Creator is undefinable, unlimited light, energy, power from which we came. Creator is thought which itself is energy.

Creator is I AM and each and every one of us is a part of that I AM with the choice of Free Will. As we choose to see ourself and everyone else also as part of the I AM we are all I AM.

That magnificent undefinable eternal energy is love. I AM is love. Many philosophers, scientists, religious masters believe when we accept that not only are we part of it but exist in it, there can be no lack, no loss, but all that we can desire or require.

In that wonderful, timeless energy, all humanity can come to understand its beingness, its eternal self, no matter what shape or form we create to be at any given moment.

Because we happen to have our being at this moment in America, an incredible mosaic of love in many shapes and forms, we have a greater possibility to create that pure perfect loving society.

Now if enough of us can view our governing bodies as being in that CREATIVE PERFECT love, the One Power, the Alpha and the Omega, right now, imagine the possibility. All we have is NOW and NOW is where it all is.

Practicing our perfection, our oneness with Creator, experiencing each and every cell perfect and happy every day is a wonderful activity. Our thought is the energy of Creation and knowing that we are in part of that wonderful power, we can envision our perfect, loving, equitable society.

Accept your I.D. = G.I.A. Your I.D. is God I AM.

Blessings Gloria