Someone reminded me today that the root word in psychology is psyche which originally referred to the soul.
That inspired me to look at the word Thanksgiving and contemplate what each and every letter represents for me.
T is for Thoughts -the amazing collective consciousness that created that thankful energy for survival and abundance to go forward.

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October always brings for me the anticipation of imagining all the fun that can be had before Halloween. To my surprise, the almanac says Oct. l6th brings the Hunter’s Moon. It still feels like Harvest Moon to me. However, amidst our Halloween expectations, fun, parties costume creating, this year, an election year, the hunters I think are among us. Even so I wish everyone a wonderful Halloween season.
While I am not an astrology fan, just for fun, I looked up the Astrological sign covering the Halloween season which is Libra, representing balance and harmony.
This year with all that is going on all over our planet as well as our elections and the storms that have come to “haunt” us, it’s a good idea to focus on balance. These natural disasters have pulled people apart, tossed them out of their homes, businesses, etc. Many chose to leave the planet also in this chaotic environment.

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Are You Listening to Me?

I woke up this morning, with the idea to share for this month, “Are you listening to me?”  The me I am talking about is the me within us. That me is the true identity of who we are. It is our essence, that which we are permanently, that part of us that is always is, no matter what shape or whether or not we are invisible.

Some of my friends are really good at being extremely insightful and discerning about events and situations. One friend in particular says, “Gloria they’re telling me…”  I shrug my shoulders and say, “Well they’re not talking to me right now.”  She laughs and says, “They are talking to you, but you’re not listening.”  At that point I laugh too, but my ‘ego’ self becomes annoyed and says, “Wait a minute, what do you mean you’re not listening?! You’re minister, a professional yada, yada, yada.” 

The reality is in the times in which we are now on this planet (who knows how many others are somewhere with beings we know nothing about yet), with all our incredible technology, everything is so much more in every way, shape and form with knowledge and information. If you think about it and our atmosphere it is really, really very noisy!

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Conventions or Congregations?

Do you prefer to go to conventions or hang with your favorite congregations?

I’ve been thinking about group psychology. It doesn’t really matter what you call it: convention, congregation, or even rally. Wherever you choose, no matter how diverse it may appear, there is one unified purpose that all of you have that unites you in a single consciousness.

Whether it be religious leaders, politicians, or motivational speakers, etc., every one of them understands that no matter how diverse the attendees may appear, there is one unified, underlying intention of the group consciousness. It draws them together as a magnet draws its own to it.

That means that each and every one of you who enjoy reading this blog, or any other blog, who engage in Facebook twitter, etc. have one intent that draws you.

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Celebrating Independence

When I’m Celebrating Independence, I find myself humming the Star Spangled Banner. Especially I find myself contemplating “the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

Celebrating Independence

Right now, all of us are immersed in the energy, the strong energy merging and conflicting all around us. This is given to us through the gift of celebrating independence, as set in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Along with this gift comes the burden of responsibility of how to choose. This year in our birth month we are once again immersed as said literally bombarded by all kinds of words usually contradicting and competing with each other.

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June Has Busted Out All Over!

June has definitely busted out all over, but not exactly as written by Oscar Hammerstein II who was by all accounts an incredible optimist and man of faith!

Rather June has busted out in horrible weather patterns world-wide and many here in the U.S. June has busted out in extreme violence by maladjusted individuals drawn into chaotic situations and now also June has busted out in Europe created by the will of a small majority of British citizens.

For those of us who either unwittingly hear all this news or because we are somewhat if not real activists we become caught up in these crises world-wide which leaves us utterly unstable, unsure, insecure and highly stressed out if not totally neurotic in our own beings.

Therefore, I would like to share with you what the Hypnosis Enthusiasts group learned this past week just as Britain’s news was unfolding: It was wonderful.

All of us who did the exercises along with Peter O’Dell became incredibly calm, lighthearted, peaceful, and grounded.

Peter O’Del,l whose business is Success Easy has been a master hypnotist and NLP practitioner for a very long time. He’s an excellent teacher and very patient. (561-302- 7731,

This is not an advertisement but I must share this wonderful technique that I believe will help all of us through these unpredictable times.

Here is the Spiritual Telepathy exercise as shared by Peter O’Dell concisely put. Its’ based on Spiritual Telepathy by Coleen Mauro.

Heart Exercises: allow yourself into a field of self-hypnosis. Access the field of unconditional love.

Experience it. Bring others into it, too. Bring those you love, those you are angry with, those you fear, those that are different from you.

The Three Bodies

Physical Body-Take care of it. Nothing in excess, get enough sleep, exercise.

Emotional Body-Harmlessness, Forgiveness, Compassion

Mental Body-Controlling the lower mind. Focus Meditation. Start with something easy, expand to more difficult items.


Connect to Your Soul-

Focus on a sport 6 inches above the top of your head. Move your consciousness to that spot. Visualize aline of light extending upward to your soul center. Hold this alignment for a few moments. Meditate on seed thoughts for a few minutes from this position. (“Let my soul direct my actions in daily life.” “I stand in the light and the light radiates through me.,” “The law of love is manifested through me, etc.”)

To end the meditations, visualize pure white light pouring down from your soul.


A Daily Meditation

Do self-hypnosis (called by many meditation). Access the field of Unconditional Love. Bring your loved ones in with you and particularly bring in those with whom you have difficulties. Bathe them in Unconditional Love.

For all of us, bring in the Earth and bathe it in Unconditional Love.

We had such a wonderful experience with this exercise which takes less than five minutes, I asked for permission from Peter to share it with all of you. Thank you Peter for allowing me to share this wonderful experience and technique.

For all of us in this time of planetary and social upheaval, may you all be blessed with this special parenthesis in time to practice Unconditional Love.

Blessings, Gloria

Within United I Stand

I had the honor of going to the graduation of one of my very dear friend’s son yesterday Friday evening, May 20th . The last graduation I attended was my daughter’s college.
There were over five hundred students graduating from one of the high schools in the same community. It was awesome, really, to watch the amazing tapestry of so many unique students. It was remarkable to see how many really different cultures and backgrounds from which the students in one average-sized community we have. Yet, each and every one is now an American high school graduate. What opportunity lies ahead for them and for us as they use their learning and creativity as desire to succeed, to tap unlimited potentiality and bring it out of the unseen into visibility and opportunity.

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The Power of Sound

I’m finding myself intrigued and wrapped up in the power of sound. I’m sharing it now because two things happened in the past week. One was the transition of Prince who made phenomenal impressions on our entire society, world-wide it appears. From all over the planet people have expressed their tributes to this remarkable man, his music, his sound, his lyrics.
Perhaps I am mistaken, but I believe with music, it is the sound above and beyond the lyrics that moves us. Millions were moved by the sounds created by Prince. While most of the world were embroiled in his movement, his cultural and societal observations, something else occurred.

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Blowin’ In the Blog

Blowin’ in the Blog: What is it?  Most of us in our alternative professions come to have certain sets of principles we live and teach by. We also use them in practice. For some years now blogging is the thing.

Some do it daily, others weekly, monthly and so on. I am one for by the month. At any rate, after awhile how many times can you share your principles? For each of us who lives and believes the truths we think we are sharing, we have said them all.

For me, I bring the energy into just about everything. I emphasize this way above technology, the computer, phones and social media.

However, this month to my surprise, I am to say how grateful I am for social media. The pundits drive us crazy in the news and cable media with their interpretation of every word someone else says and swears this is what they really mean, that nonsense can be exhausting.

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February’s Power Examples!

So much is happening all around. Ideas, situations, world events, national events, environmental challenges are all emerging at rapid, changing rates.

In this, it is a real challenge to hold our own, to be and remain grounded, and to be totally connected to who we really are.

During this past month, I have been re-reviewing my own choices in the paths I have taken on this journey we call life, the ones chosen and not chosen.

Every so often, there comes one little one along the way and I say, “why did I choose that?” While I might not necessarily have seen the positive outcome, eventually there is one.

This sounds like a repeat of my talk doing the zig saw puzzle, Well yes and no. After all, we do breathe every day, we get up and go to bed (at least I believe most of us do). It might not be in an orderly way, but we have the sleep and activity times daily. It is repetitious.

During this past month a couple of things occurred that interfered with my plan for the day, but in the end had a positive result. I missed a morning service, but due to missing that, we had an unexpected visit from a really dear friend which turned out to be so much more rewarding and productive than the service might have been. Two of us benefited instead of one only.

Then I was looking for some information for a colleague and I went into the community office to find out what I needed to know and was greeted by, what can I do for you young lady. Music to my ears, and it was so sincerely said, I felt one of those wonderful surges of delighted energy which carried me through the day.

I truly remain “MINDFUL” of these wonderful positive energy gems. Most of you are not aware I am part of a serious long-term situation that needs all the energy surges I can give it. Being aware of and mindful of when they occur always when the “gas tank” is getting low is a great advantage.

This morning also, I had a pleasant conversation with a young college student working in my local grocery store. It turned out we think on the same page so to speak and it was a pleasure to listen to her sharing truths one would expect of someone who’s been on the planet a longer time. It was great and I in turn shared with her and she very much appreciated and became excited with what I contributed to what she already knew.

I found myself in another surge of wonderful energy that will remain an even longer period of time because there is more to build on than I had before.

Words are important and so is the intent in how they are offered. They are either gifts of Spirit, or challenges that temporarily pull us down. Either way, it is important to be aware of them and how they affect us and what we can do to minimize or strengthen that effect. I can offer much longer discourses on the science and process of some of this, but it’s exhausting to read. I like it plain and simple.

“The tides come nightly to the shore, the stars into the sky. Neither far nor wide can keep my own away from me.” This is a quote from a magazine article I read some years back. This affirmation was repeated daily by a woman who circumstance put at the mercy of living with a relative. While a nice relative, it was a limiting situation. She created small maps visualizing her goals and dreams. This led to part-time work, full-time work, her own home, and finally this middle-aged woman met and married a good man.

All is how we use, create, and recreate the tools we receive. Think of them as colors for your pictures or clay for your creations. There is always the choice of free will and how we use it.

May each of us use it to bring us to fulfillment and closer to the truth that sets us all free.

Blessings, Gloria