The Ocean

With all the chaos surrounding everyone on the planet, it appears, it is essential for me to go my place of power, trust, and inspiration.

On these days, I go to Juno Beach, Florida early in the morning before the sun is too hot or in the evening when the sun is going down. 

I have done this since I was in my teens. For quite a few years I have been unable to do this but now have again the freedom to do so.

As I walk on the long stretch of beach along the ocean, I feel the coolness and relief in my feet as they touch the semi-soft wet sand. The aroma in the air is so fresh with a light aroma of salt from the water. The clouds are doing a graceful ballet as they slide across the sky. Many times I imagine I see a large god sitting on a throne in the sky. I think to myself, this is how the ancients may have created their images of the Almighty, as well as angels and guardians. There was no artificial means of communication nor perhaps no writing yet even on stone tablets. But as I stretch my neck and look upward, above the ocean, I imagine they viewed all of this as the Supreme Almighty. Actually you might say they were correct, for as beautiful and powerful as these images I appear to see may be, the fabulous, wonderful UNKNOWN POWER, source of all allowed for their creation.

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The Ring

The ring is circular and as such represents the geometric symbol that has no beginning and no end.

Some years ago, my mother let me have a ring she had that was a lovely 14k gold with an oval shape of a decorative nature which had a semi-precious stone of purple color.

If you are into symbolism the purple represents a higher consciousness or awareness of a spiritual or metaphysical nature. 

I enjoyed wearing that ring on various occasions and was wearing it one day when I went to the grocery store. When I came home and put the bags and groceries away, I realized the ring was missing. I trotted back to the store, left messages, walked all over the parking lot and around the driveway here. I searched everywhere conceivable in the house and out of the house and at the clubhouse, etc. No ring.

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The United States of Me!

As life has it these days, people are very vocal and in great disagreement with just about everything going on nationwide as well as worldwide.

It got me to thinking of how important Unity is in the country and for all of us: for harmony, peace, cooperation and just about everything else. Charles Florence-Founder of the Unity movement, believed that the Garden of Eden is symbolic for our own bodies and Spiritual selves. When we operate from our logical minds and stay in tune with what keep our beings in balance, we remain in balance. Another way of looking at it is that the different states of our mind and brain are United in harmony and balance.  When we go to extremes we are rather fighting between our states and of course we have the phrase United We Stand, divided we fall.

We might say the parts of the brain and the way the mind functions when they are in conflict are pretty much like the states or the North and the South, our brains fighting their own Civil Wars or East is East and West and West is West and the wrong one I have chose (unless of course you are inspired to rise above all of that and choose Unity.} When we have Unity in our thinking, remain calm and balanced, when we meditate or choose a self-hypnotic trance state, we can create our own healthy balanced United States of Me. When we strength our physical armies with proper exercise and supply with right food and water we become stronger and better countries ready to lead when necessary.

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I.D. = G.I.A.

I have found myself seriously contemplating what is it really that groups of people segregate themselves from the majority of the nations, churches, or what have you that they have belonged to. What really creates groups like Al Quida and Isis?

Remember, this is just my opinion. This is my perception of what I think I see and hear. It’s not only in these violent groups but in our nations. People seem to be cutting themselves off from entire countries.

We have been experiencing that here in the U.S. Consequently they come to view those they have separated from into not so happy categories, giving them unfavorable labels, i.d.s etc.

Even if you are an atheist, you believe. You believe in the absence of God rather than the Presence of God.

My view is the following: I have learned to think of life as eternally continuous. I believe we are all energy beings, and the formation of the energy we are, the rate of movement, be it heavy or light, dark or bright, we are each a continuous strand of energy. For want of a better term, the strand of energy that we are is a part of the One Eternal Energy Source that most people call God.

The problem, it seems to me, is that so many people who accept the God idea, have in their minds created a specific personality, shape of a person or possibly an animal.

When that happens, we limit our personal power because we have reduced and limited the power of the God energy. Those who are parts of groups like ISIS Al Quida, the Ku Klux Klan, vigilantes et al. have done so because they need a sense of belonging. The original groups, countries, religions, they were born into for whatever reason seem to have excluded them. They are not a source or resource of comfort, security, employment or happiness.

As an example, today I was at an exhibit of Deco Art from around l900 to the l930s. Much of this was descriptive of erotic situations, images of women and men in behavior probably on the fringes of the societies in which they were raised. It occurred to me the elders, the disciplined ones became so fearful of the loss of their national identity, loss of the codes of honor and tradition from which they came, that in that fear of loss of control, they became militant. They put out to their people the need to become disciplined again to protect their culture. It seems to me this is how ISIS came to be. So many were from places and circumstances they lost their self-worth in those societies, wandering in feelings of no identity and so many times truthfully degrading, desperate for food, work and homes.

However they looked upon what we call God in their cultures as displeased with them,and more than likely they abandoned their orderly, loving, honorable beliefs I think primarily because the “God” they envisioned had human limitations and capable of not loving or liking its people.

I think of it like this. Creator is. Creator has no form, no politics, no right and wrongs. Creator is undefinable, unlimited light, energy, power from which we came. Creator is thought which itself is energy.

Creator is I AM and each and every one of us is a part of that I AM with the choice of Free Will. As we choose to see ourself and everyone else also as part of the I AM we are all I AM.

That magnificent undefinable eternal energy is love. I AM is love. Many philosophers, scientists, religious masters believe when we accept that not only are we part of it but exist in it, there can be no lack, no loss, but all that we can desire or require.

In that wonderful, timeless energy, all humanity can come to understand its beingness, its eternal self, no matter what shape or form we create to be at any given moment.

Because we happen to have our being at this moment in America, an incredible mosaic of love in many shapes and forms, we have a greater possibility to create that pure perfect loving society.

Now if enough of us can view our governing bodies as being in that CREATIVE PERFECT love, the One Power, the Alpha and the Omega, right now, imagine the possibility. All we have is NOW and NOW is where it all is.

Practicing our perfection, our oneness with Creator, experiencing each and every cell perfect and happy every day is a wonderful activity. Our thought is the energy of Creation and knowing that we are in part of that wonderful power, we can envision our perfect, loving, equitable society.

Accept your I.D. = G.I.A. Your I.D. is God I AM.

Blessings Gloria

Roses for Peace

In my experience, roses are the ultimate joy to give and receive. The sight and aroma of them raises my consciousness to beautiful heights.

We are also celebrating holidays honoring our various traditions. The exquisite buds coming forth and expanding to the ultimate flower come in beautiful arrays of colors to reach out and attract so many to their beauty.

Yet in order to enjoy the beauty of the roses, we must first carefully choose how we reach out to them for the Universe allows us to relish and enjoy them, but before we can we must carefully choose how we will caress them, remove them from the vines and treasure them. As beautiful as they are, they are protected also by the Universe so that we do not just snatch them up but carefully remove them without bruising our hands on the thorns which protect them from careless pulling.

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Transitioning in the Presence

Dear Friends,

This month, the month of my Mother’s hundredth birthday by the certificate at any rate, she decided to make her transition. Her goal was to be 100 and she accomplished that.

My intention had always been for her to remain in her own home until the time she decided to return to the magnificence of the Universe and Dad and her beloved family members. She did it beautifully and peacefully in her sleep.

I am sharing this with all of you because so many have said how sorry they are. However, it is a triumphant time for her. I feel her presence around me all the time and in a way she had not been able to express for a long time. She’s happy’ she’s home; she’s busy with Dad and the relatives.

As she was leaving she visited several people. One, her granddaughter who before I told her the news, driving in her car saw a huge cloud open up and saw her grandmother happy. She also came to three of my friends, sharing with them her gratitude of all that was and the joy of returning home.

For me , the incredible happy energy that is surrounding me and in our home has brought an incredible enthusiasm for all the now and a feeling of true companionship. I can honestly say that I am not alone at all.

I find myself moving around in their presence (Mom and Dad) etal the relatives and it is an amazing feeling.

I’m choosing to share this with all of you, because in spite of the frustration of watching the physical body no longer able to do its robust activities, the extraordinary energy of where she is so totally complete and celebrating her freedom.

Grieving is not a necessity when one is continually connected in a positive healthy energy with those who have returned into the Light. When we truly know and experience all of the phenomenal wonderful energy and communication with those who have gone on ahead, we are able to celebrate with them.

It is not for us to torment and judge over the why and how of individual experiences. We all come here to learn different kinds of lessons. When they are learnt, we can return home. We have graduated.

Each of us has played our part in the experience of the one who has gone on and we can rest in that knowing. When our intentions have been for the highest good of those around us, we can enjoy their return and rest in the knowing we did our part.

As the Koran says, no matter what differences we have here, when we return to the Creator, we will learn the truth about what our disagreements may have been, if any. Let go, be free and enjoy the Light as it continues to unfold for you.

In that I leave you all to contemplate your own experiences with beloved family members and friends, spouses, and children. Be at peace and be fulfilled in knowing you accomplished your part in their lessons and they in yours.

Blessings, Gloria

Mov___, Mind___, Med___, Guess

With all the chaos, change, and fear as well as passion and excitement moving around our country and the Universe these days, it is expected that all of us who move in alternate fields of helping jump right back on our bandwagon of Meditate and be Mindful or vice versa.
It really is not so surprising so many of us are caught in massive support for or just as massive hostility to all that is happening.   Change and as fast as it is coming in such obvious ways generally brings resistance. I am being boring in a way but one of the most noticeable reactions to change is resistance because we see in front of us in Psychedelic letters of huge proportion CHANGE!!!! We see it so much so, we refuse to look beyond the word to what can and what will it do?
So of course,the counselors, the psychologists, the medical people, the alternative practitioners such as myself and others metaphysical almost automatically say: practice meditation daily or use mindfulness daily. Most of us then tell you get still and listen in the silence.
However, some of us are not good at sitting still, getting still. For myself, I have a quick self-hypnosis I’ve had for years. Yet recently, a silly thing a happened. I needed to get my tile floors really clean and I broke my machine and borrowed one of my girlsfriend’s which didn’t to the job either because I chose rougher tile for the floors to reduce slipping in case of wet floors.
What was I going to do? I looked at the floors, got out the vinegar and a couple of toothbrushes. I got on my hands and knees and started at the front door and continued throughout the living room, dining, room, hallway, and kitchen. It took me two and a half days.

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Auld Lang Syne?

Auld Lang Syne is sort of synonymous with New Year’s Eve as the new year enters at the stroke of midnight.
The melody we hear every year was not the original but was popularized by Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians way back in I’m not sure what year.
Out of curiosity I researched it and found it was probably a sad love song way back when it evolved into a ritual in celebrations where folks and family join in celebrating unity and joy and releasing anything of the past that no longer serve us.
No matter whether you come from a metaphysical point of view, a religious or secular or scientific point of view, somewhere you have learned that we appear to always have a choice. That may be yes or may be no;. I am doing my best to avoid a conflict of points of view.
What has come into my memory is Glen Miller’s theme song (I think) String of Pearls.
While I had originally started to write something else, I woke up extremely joyful this morning and changed my mind. I would love to think it’s because I have been doing my best to meditate more regularly daily first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
At any rate, for the purpose of Auld Lang Syne, I am concentrating on bringing up constructive or memorable memories and quotes, some in my life and some from outsiders.
I would love to think all of you have some great ones also that when you think about them, they aid in your focus, energy, enthusiasm, joy and trust in life and the greater power of the Universe we all have yet to understand. It may be we never totally do on this plane of existence.
Memories, My String of Pearls
When I didn’t like visiting some of the aunts:  Mom would explain their behavior, tell me their sad story, and ask me to stand back and not feel bad about how they behaved.
Mom and Dad: When I asked as all little kids do the impossible questions about God, they would say God is in Your Heart. (I always wondered if they were aware of how true that can really be.)
Mom: Call me anything but don’t call me late for dinner.
Mom and Dad: If you can’t say anything good about a person, say nothing at all.
Dad: Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. (In response to gossip).
Dad: When older kids tried to scare us about how mean the teacher in the next grade up was going to be: Respect that teacher. Be open. Remember that teacher has lived longer than you have and no matter whether you think they know enough of not, they lived longer than you. They have life experience to teach you.
Mom and Dad: Respect and be nice to everyone. Care for the needy. You never know when God is coming in disguise.
Mom and Dad: Never judge a book by its cover. (generic but hey used it a lot).
Grandfather: After I told him I decided not to study medicine and he was going to leave me his lab equipment.) Remember, sweetheart, no matter what anyone tells you, not your mother, your father, your aunt, no matter what anyone else tells you, do what you know in your heart is right for you. He was right. Almost everyone tells me, ‘Gloria is Gloria’ and I’m comfortable in who I AM.
Comparative Anatomy Teacher: You’re such fun to tease, I can’t resist. (I was so serious all the time and I was sensitive to the tease.) That statement changed my life! I instantly learned to let go, laugh at myself and join in the fun with my classmates.
Anatomy: Sign over the small fish tank with a live snake in it: “If all else fails, try following directions.
Genetics Teacher: Throughout the planet, the strongest people: mentally and physically exist when the races and cultures merge. That is because the weak, defective recessive genes have smallest possibility of manifesting.
Dad: After my first few jobs out of college ended in failure and I was enjoying my misery) Toots, I’m so glad that happened. Congratulations! (I was in shock.) This is terrific! The more you get kicked down now, the faster you’ll learn, and the stronger and better you’ll be! He was right and it saw me through everything catastrophic.
Mom: Sent me a book in my 20’s, Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers. He used his own example and spent his ministry teaching folks no matter what happens, remember St. Paul and declare, “I Praise God all things work together to good for those that Love the Lord.” It works. In hypnosis we call this an ISE (Initial Sensitizing Experience.) First time I did it: My vacuum had died! Christmas tree needles all over the carpet. I started to say it and found myself get really silly. Finally I turned the vacuum back on and it worked! Every time I lose the keys, groceries, and or whatever, it always works.
My Daughter (age l3): When asked if she could have any wish she wanted, what would she wish for: Answer: “If I could have any wish I wanted, I would wish for as many wishes as I wanted.”
From Metaphysical and Unity teachings:
I AM one with GOD. I am in God and God is in me.
I create my own reality.
Quantum Physics: Einstein et al. Everything is energy.
Philip Holder, PH.d hypnosis, martial arts philosophy and skills:  We are who we practice to be.
Rev. Justin Terry: Meditate, relax and get quiet. Don’t force it. Let the solutions come.
Me: After a marvelous metaphysical experience in Costco some years ago, I woke up the next day remembering and understanding: I remembered when I was three years old didn’t really have an awareness of God of Supreme Being but I always felt safe. I was very safe and free and I knew I could do anything I wanted to do!! I had to learn to fear!
When I picked up the DVD’s from my favorite childhood hero, in Costco, it triggered my memory and my oneness with Spirit, and I knew I could do anything I wanted to do all over again.
Rabbi Nason Goldstein and Rev. Justin Terry:  “Make it a great week. Make it a great day.”
From me:  Today, let’s all practice creating a great life!
Happy New Year,

The Holiday Table

Naturally, those of you who follow this blog know I practice hypnosis and have a spiritual rather than a religious ministry.
In both of these areas, it is thought by many, if you have a child, up until the age of seven, the child is unable to filter information and therefore has in its memory anything and everything it has ever heard or learned.
Among all that is learned, most of us have some special memory that automatically invokes love, nostalgia, happiness, security, and our philosophy in life.

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Someone reminded me today that the root word in psychology is psyche which originally referred to the soul.
That inspired me to look at the word Thanksgiving and contemplate what each and every letter represents for me.
T is for Thoughts -the amazing collective consciousness that created that thankful energy for survival and abundance to go forward.

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