Here we are at the end of November. I am expecting that each and every one of you had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

It maybe mundane, but this is the time of year we really put more into expressing gratitude for our blessings. Mine have been many. In spite of the transition of family members and friends, there is much in which to abide in gratitude. Continue reading

The Real Secret of Hypnosis

Greetings Everyone,

Almost all good marketing teachers and promoters say using the word “Secret” draws like almost nothing else. Check this out and decide for yourself. All kinds of web research will let you know how it draws. Books also, how many have your purchased with the magic of the word secret in the title? How many magazines do your purchase to discover the “secret” life of so and so?

Even though this has been said umpteenth times, I am repeating. I’m repeating this because I have personally had all kinds of good things happen this past month.

For me, hypnosis is most acceptable viewed as a process. Dave Elman said it the simplest way: Continue reading

What is Your Noise?

This may seem like an unlikely title. However, I’ve been contemplating this a great deal the past two months. We talk about sound therapy, hypnosis, energy healing, and all our other doors and pathways. However, we rarely talk about our own noise.

There have been times in my life when I have sat quietly in a group of people, perhaps only saying excuse me or may I sit here and have the other person tell me to shush. I can tell you I was not pleased about that at all. My internal feelings were indignant to say the least. Continue reading

Energy Hypnosis

Sometime back before the l950’s one of the new Thought and positive thinking writers wrote a great book. I do not recall his name or the title and have not been able to find it on the internet.

However, he had an example in there about how our thinking affects our energy field and what we attract. What he said was to the effect that while you are talking to me and see me right in front of you, it is obvious. However, if I keep going further and further away from you until you can no longer see me, I am still there just not in your immediate vision. My presence is still there. It was a great way to demonstrate how the “identity” of our thinking affects us. Continue reading

Esoteric Hypnosis


My mother has always said: “Call me anything, just don’t call me late for dinner.” It started out as a humorous reply to someone who didn’t have her name right. However, I constantly use this now to make a point.

My feeling, belief is everything we do consistently in our behavior, thinking and verbal patterns is hypnosis. At least it’s a possibility; maybe it’s a probability and then again maybe not. I have learned for every theory I have, others have their own. They may or may not be open to mind, but that’s ok. I enjoy, believe, I move, act, think and feel in the flow of Universal energy, mostly all the time now. Continue reading

June Blog : The Power of Myth

200px-The_Power_of_MythJune introduced me to the Bill Moyer/Joseph Campbell book, The Power of Myth. I heard an excerpt from it at a Sunday service and ordered the book. Now, this book had been done as a PBS series and many of you are probably very aware of it, but when that aired, it was during the years I wasn’t into the TV scene.


I remember how very much I loved the Greek and Roman mythology stories as a child. We had in our house a couple of books that simplified them for children and I was fascinated, really fascinated, but after all, they were only “stories.”


But Joseph Campbell studied civilizations all over the planet and understood that all cultures and societies have their own myths.


While we in the western culture, accept the mythology of other societies as exactly that, myth, we do not view our own deep-entrenched beliefs, patterns, religious customs and our politics as myths. Yet they are. Continue reading

My Thoughts for the Month

Eric and I

Eric and I

Hello Everyone,

Now seems to be the time the Universe is suggesting I put down my thoughts for the month. This month did the Reconnection Training with Eric Pearl in Miami Beach. I have to say the other attendees to this event were some of the loveliest people I have ever met. Every person I encountered and had the pleasure of working with were really wonderful. The teachers, teachers assistants and administrative people were also wonderful. Everyone was patient, helpful, supportive.

To meet and hear Eric Pearl, is an experience in itself. I found myself telling the lovely lady from Los Angeles with the British accent that the sheer amazement as well as entertainment on Friday evening, our introductory session was worth the entire investment of the seminar. Naturally all the good things followed but it was great.

With Mary Beth Kennedy from Boulder, ColoradoWith Mary Beth Kennedy from Boulder, Colorado

Now since I am not yet trained to do a specific “reconnection” for someone else, nor am I a teacher, I am not here to tell you all about it. However I want to share other insights I received as a person. Continue reading

April Blog (like April love ) is like a breath of Spring!!

At some point I tell all my clients the following. It was a famous quote and there are variations of it:

The essence is this: When the pain of where you are becomes greater than your fear of the unknown, change happens. Interestingly enough, that change could be positive or negative depending on your frame of thinking.

This past week, I had some time with a former client, who when she came to me, had a few major stress issues but adamantly declared she did not like change. She was resistant. Through hypnosis she made some discoveries about herself, about her situation and came to understand that to be who she really is, she had to make the change and she did! She tells me I was there when she began her journey. Continue reading

The Stability of Change

Greetings Everyone,

While most people begrudgingly admit they do not like change, being the mis-matcher that I am, I LOVE CHANGE!!! Change is after all, at this time in the Universe, the only permanent principle.

Think about your phones, your computers, your iPads, your notebooks, your tablets. Daily, they all go through, I cannot even begin to contemplate: newer, better, for sure more technological change!

To understand my way of thinking you have to know more about me. When I was growing up, my parents were always moving here, there and everywhere. We lived in four places in Cliffside Park, New Jersey before I was seven. Between seven and twelve we moved back and forth between Florida and New Jersey. We had three different places there.

I was definitely not a happy camper. It seemed that every time I was just beginning to make friends, was going to be in some school event or other, we up and went and moved again. In my misery, my mother would say, as long as we are together as a family, we are HOME.

It took me until my teens to latch onto that concept. Eventually, the change which I disliked, translated into my stability and my anchor. I came to understand that in one moment, an instant change could alter my life. Continue reading

Highest Good

Now that we have passed through January with new plans, goals and resolutions, we are coming to the end of February. We have been reminded of the greatness of Washington and Lincoln, honoring Black History and all founded we would help on love. February with its romance, Valentines evolved from the love and faith of those seeking spiritual freedom.

This is not a political debate but, remembering pioneers and groups of people who, while not aware of the term practiced good hypnosis. Sound crazy?

Continue reading