Hello World 2: The Mystery of Energy

I love the idea of imagining encompassing the entire world and even beyond to the unseen worlds around us. Welcome to all.

Now I said I would continue with this energy business and I am. For the time in which we are here now, it appears that for sure we are all energy beings, The idea of imagining how our particular energy looks, feels and sounds really appeals to me. Then I imagine the energy around me and very specifically the energy of the client in front of me. Since we have great speakers and motivators such as Dr. Wayne Dyer talking about the power of intention as well as NLPer’s focusing on intention, my intention is to send the energy of peace t every client I associate with in addition to dealing with the reason for their visit. Continue reading

Hello world! The Phenomena of Hypnosis

Greetings to everyone who has a desire to find out more about the wonderful phenomena we call hypnosis.

One of the simplest definitions of hypnosis is: it occurs when a suggestion by-passes the critical factor of the conscious mind and is accepted into the subconscious mind as truth.

When I was small I was intrigued by the hypnotizing of characters in some weird who done it movies where a dark haired man with big black eyes stared at the subject and swung a pendulum back and forth. The subject then drifted into a a trance of some sort, oblivious to whatever else was around. Continue reading