Here we are at the end of November. I am expecting that each and every one of you had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

It maybe mundane, but this is the time of year we really put more into expressing gratitude for our blessings. Mine have been many. In spite of the transition of family members and friends, there is much in which to abide in gratitude.

In the past two months, I have accidentally met former clients and students who have expressed their gratitude to me from what they learned in my sessions and teachings. The inexplicable joy and fulfillment I experience when I hear these things knows no bounds. Personally, I feel validated in my work and passion.

That’s the easy part. However, in our world today there is so much going on that individually we have no control over it is sometimes difficult to remain in that mind set of gratitude. You must make the decision to find it under all circumstances. In that is the intention to experience gratitude.

New Thought ministries advise their congregations to avoid listening to the news at all and to remain in a sacred altered space of God awareness at all times. Another name for this state is hypnosis (can’t get away from it).

For most of us interacting in the world of mass media and careers, this is not exactly possible to do, nor would all of us choose to do. For those with passions for creating positive changes and educating others on the planet to better ways of doing things in order to create peace, harmony, health, and prosperity, it is necessary to move amidst all of this.

Yet, we can if we choose hold a state of gratitude. We can be grateful for our awareness changes need to be made and grateful for our desire to contribute to these changes. In our immediate space, we can be grateful for recognizing new opportunities around us. Sometimes, this can be very subtle. Nevertheless, they are around us all the time. Are you willing to take the risk? Are you aware the Universe is whispering to you right now there is more for you? Are you willing to do your part to allow your opportunities to enter your awareness, bringing you higher into your Life’s plan in joy and passion with health and abundance?

If for any reason you are thinking you don’t know how, give a call and perhaps I can teach you how.

Even though it is a busy season, the right appointment I available for you at the right time.

Blessings, Gloria

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