I am not about to give you a definition of happiness. The only observation I can make about happiness is no matter where you read, who you talk to, and anywhere there is success, prosperity, and wonderful events going on that provide enjoyment for all or most, somewhere that word happiness shows up.

I experienced such happiness when my granddaughter was inducted into the National Honor Society.   We experienced such happiness on our cruise to the Mediterranean. Our puppies are sharing their happiness with us by how they jump and move and play and how their eyes twinkle at us.

All of these things above talk about expressing happiness. However, what does the word really mean. What are any number of people together or individually experiencing happiness as?

I only have the right to share my experiences.  There are some mornings I wake up quickly and hop out of bed in such joyous high energy.  I call it being in happiness. I have moments waiting on long lines where for some unknown reason, I feel laughter welling up inside of me and I freely share it. I call it happiness. Happiness also makes me feel mischievous in an impish sort of way.

When I get silly and tell funny stories on others but mostly on myself I laugh and others thoroughly appear to be “happy,” to laugh at my escapades along with me. That laughter increases exponentially the light energy moving freely and quickly among the surroundings.

I call all of that happiness.

There are so many who have so very little compared to the standards in which I and most of those I know live, but they flow in freedom, bouncing, dancing, singing and all other forms of activities we call joyful and we call it happiness.

So what really is happiness. Those who know me understand while I am not a scientist by any stretch of the term, I believe we are all energy beings and everything around us is energy. The trees, the grass, the plants, the animals, the computer, the furniture, buildings, and all one can conceive is energy.

So now that I took the Action for Happiness Class taught by Jeanette Sullivan and Marina Haber in December, 2018 at the United Metaphysical Church in Lake Worth, FL. I am really spreading my happiness wings! Feeling Happiness also provides many reasons to say thank you to the Universe for all the events big and wide that happen in my everyday life. Not a day goes by that I remember to say thank you for the idea; thank you for the information; thank you for the solution; thank you for your courtesy; thank you for my beingness of happy and on and on and on. The more you do it, the happier you are, the more energetic you are, and the healthier you get even when so-called ‘facts’ might indicate otherwise.

Right now I am filling sillier than usual typing this but oh what fun!

Since thoughts are really things and create more things because they are the creative energy that manifests desires into the visible, then I have to hypothesize that happiness is of course energy also and it’s the best energy of all.

In that, I am happiness (aka Rev. Gloria Stanchak Alexander) but I Am happiness also.

In my wonderful knowing of this I am asking everyone to declare I am happy, I am happiness.

There are going to be those who strongly avow I am not happy; I don’t know what happiness is; I have never experienced it! 

To all of them I have this to say:

Start repeating over and over and over again I AM HAPPY!!! I AM HAPPY!!!  I AM HAPPY!! And keep thinking it.

Why? Because repetition is how we get good at whatever it is we do. Eventually you will probably discover that you: I AM___that I AM___that ___I AM is one of the greatest manifestations expressing what we call God, the Universe, and all the other wonderful sacred beings humanity has ever thought up.

So I have decided to do a workshop on Happiness Hypnosis.

In that happy thought I invite you to do the repeating exercise: I AM Happy and push out I am stressed, I am sick, and all the other yuck, yuck, yuck we tell ourselves, and you may discover a path to help you reach the truth that sets us all free.

Happy March, Gloria


    • Mercedes Flores on March 8, 2019 at 2:01 pm
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    This is a lovely message and I totally feel your happiness coming through.
    Thank you for all you do for me.


    • Edwige Gilbert on March 8, 2019 at 7:23 pm
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    Love this article in what I like ke to name Joie de vivre! Happiness is an attitude a choice that we make to look at what works in our lives! Voila I am happy to have said that!!

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