Usually, when I discuss the moment, the only possible reality we experience, I usually  discuss Sacred Space.

HappyWell today within one hour of waking up,  I was in happy and happy was in every cell of my being. This is several hours later hours later and I am still in happy. My deepest desire is that from the core of. my heart I am truly sending out, radiating that happiness to all around me and further into the Universe to everyone in every place.

I have concluded that cutting off what we call the “Real World” at this point in my personal human and spiritual growth is a good idea.

This past Sunday our minister was discussing how our addictions take away from our personal power.  He pointed out the balance necessary of the major components of the God self, the shadow side, and the conscious. He was pointing out that when are thinking of the necessity of living in our Spiritual spot constantly, we are separated  from too much of the practical. I understand this is.  a truth.

However, right now for me I am totally immersed in happy and I am experiencing more strength and confidence in my happy as my truth shouts rather than whispers it’s the way to go to help our planet and all that who are living on it.

Of course we are in our birthday month and I can recreate our birth in success and more happy as I totally focus beyond the “real world” and nourish my being I  love the esoteric wonderful  essence of pure love and goodness in all.

HappyNow in so doing this, I am keeping my physical being in a rather isolated spot away from the all, but it is here than I can really practice and grow in my loving.

For those no longer in my personal vibration I bless them in love and light and certainly in happy as much as I am able to send and release them to their own higher paths and their own wonderful happy, happy, happy.  I also send my happy to all who are close to me as well as those who only appear to be unknown to me in our universe.

May each and every one sooner than later discover the truth that sets us all free. It would be delightful if being in happy is part of your truth and that  it helps you to feel free.


In Love  In the Light, Gloria



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