Hello world! The Phenomena of Hypnosis

Greetings to everyone who has a desire to find out more about the wonderful phenomena we call hypnosis.

One of the simplest definitions of hypnosis is: it occurs when a suggestion by-passes the critical factor of the conscious mind and is accepted into the subconscious mind as truth.

When I was small I was intrigued by the hypnotizing of characters in some weird who done it movies where a dark haired man with big black eyes stared at the subject and swung a pendulum back and forth. The subject then drifted into a a trance of some sort, oblivious to whatever else was around.

In college, failing trigonometry, I heard the school counselor did hypnosis and decided to make an appointment to be hypnotized to pass the exams. I spent fifteen minutes listening to him chit chat about this that and the other and staring at him waiting to be put into the “spell” that would solve my problem. When the bell rang for class I left disappointed that I hadn’t even been hypnotized. I took my exam and the next day the professor congratulated me that things had cleared up. I had gone from 0 to100 on the exam. That incident by-passed my critical factor and I knew I had to learn more about this. !  

Well I had to know more about this, but the counselor was called away the rest of the semester as a witness on a court case. It was after I graduated that I had my next experience with hypnosis with Mrs. Harriet Boswell of West Palam Beach. She did Spiritual Hypnosis. Satisfied with the result, I took her class to leran it and spent many years doing this very easily and quickly in all sort s of situations. Each time I went with the expectation that it works for me and it did.

In the l990’s I took it up professionally and as my passion increased I decided to teach it as well.. To my way of thinking we are always in some state of hypnosis on a daily basis.  

Many of us have interactions daily that when they profoundly inspire us or traumatize us, they bypass that critical factor and affect our beliefs and behavior from then on. When the result is positive we want to hold onto it, but when it’s not, we want to change it. Then when the pain of where we are becomes greater than our fear of the unkown, we are open to change. That’s where I and others like me come into the picture. We help you find the way to do it quickly and easily.

Since I have evolved into believing that everything is energy and that every thought is energy, the attitude we put forth when we communicate determines the effects and outcomes we experience.

These days, I focus on energy hypnosis, changing the energy in the field between my clients and myself in order to allow a more permanent and rewarding experience.. On that note, I will sign off for now and expand in this in the next blog.

In the meantime if you are ready for change, please contact me at Hypnosis Today with Gloria.

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