Highest Good

Now that we have passed through January with new plans, goals and resolutions, we are coming to the end of February. We have been reminded of the greatness of Washington and Lincoln, honoring Black History and all founded we would help on love. February with its romance, Valentines evolved from the love and faith of those seeking spiritual freedom.

This is not a political debate but, remembering pioneers and groups of people who, while not aware of the term practiced good hypnosis. Sound crazy?

One of the best definitions of hypnosis is: A by-pass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and entrance into the subconscious mind of selective, acceptable suggestions. During hypnosis, one goes into the altered state. In that wonderful state, one is free of all limitations, their awareness 300 to 400 times greater than in the conscious state. In that state you are able to connect to your innermost self and power that allows you to manifest and materialize your highest goals.

I would say no matter what, your personal opinion of any of those celebrated in February, in the environments in which they lived, they probably did consciously, perhaps, but subconsciously yes, had to access and remain in that state to accomplish all that they did, regardless of the obstacles and negativity surrounding them.

That brings us to the next point. The two most powerful forces that by-pass the critical factor of the conscious mind are fear and love. Love carries somewhat more weight than fear.

No matter what really happened, popular history portrays these significant folks as courageous. So in this month that also celebrates love, let’s just imagine that the magnificent, wonderful emotion sent them to that wonderful state of unlimited potential and possibility that resulted in improving life for the highest good of all.

If we open up to imagine this, we can open up to receive our own dreams and goals. Enough of us using our magnificent imaginations to create in this space, will attract more of us doing the same. If you selectively accept these suggestions, you do your part for a better world.

For more on how to do this, contact me for an appointment.

In Love and Light,  Gloria

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