I AM Right!

Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone on a variety of topics who suddenly asks you on a more personal basis how things are going with one of you friends?  Have you ever had that someone suddenly interrupt you while you are answering that question and declare that isn’t true?  “You are wrong! Ergo I am right!”

This can be very disconcerting and frustrating to say the least.  We have all probably at some time in our life had an experience with someone like this.

When you beg to disagree, the conversation ends and you find yourself listening to a pouring out of all the reasons you are wrong because the person inquired about is wrong.

When you accept as I do that words you use are important and that the words are the consequence of our thoughts, and furthermore, our thoughts are the energy in which we live and create our environment, it is a difficult situation.

In my professions, the ministry and hypnosis practitioner, I find myself having to step back, stay away, and regroup my thinking, my energy, my healing and really go into the God Space or as the Tao says the All That Is.

I really have to work out the pieces of what I have been creating, what is the lesson I am learning, and how do I resolve this particular situation.

After all, others are coming to me for Spiritual advice and counseling and assistance on how  to deal in what we call the reality of our world at this time.

I find I can center into a loving, focused place immersed in the Spiritual energy necessary to assist my clients and acquaintances. That’s the easy part. I step back and draw on the Pure Loving Healing Energy of the Universe and allow the answer to flow through and from me.

The challenge is how I do my own healing quickly that allows me to be centered in who I AM and at the same time tap into the Universe to seek out how to approach the very one who declared I responded incorrectly to the question of how the third party is. It’s even more amazing when the one seeking the answer does not know the other at all nor have any idea of the life situation of that person. The asker merely has heard the name.

When I resolve and release my immediate frustration, the heavy praying and listening part is next. For myself, I find that any attempt to ask the other person to just step back a moment and look at other possibilities, I have found it will not happen during that interchange. It is best to be silent and wait on the Universe, Spirit, or All That Is. to furnish the answer.

The personality that is quick to declare you are wrong also lets you know, “I AM Right!”

For myself, I choose to seek the truth. But what is the truth?  In the give and take of these situations, each person and the third person (the one inquired about) each has their own truth.

On the other hand, the Universe itself, the All That Is(Tao) actually I am inclined to accept does have the absolute truth.

The other three of us each has our interpretation of the truth based on our life experience, our philosophies, and the extent to which we embrace and honor the truths of others.

There is a famous Japanese play that I do not remember the name of that has also been made into various adaptations but it teaches a great lesson.

Three beggars are sitting on the outside of a town. There is a great deal of talk going on about a trial. A thief accosted a husband and wife. In the struggle the husband was injured. Each of the three people: the thief, the husband, and the wife tell a different version. The thief claims he overpowered the husband. The wife claims the husband was protecting her honor, and the husband says he was successfully defending their property.

The three beggars are attempting to decide who is telling the truth. Each has an opinion. However, one of the beggars witnessed the event. He claimed the thief stopped the couple and the husband tried to chase him. He pulled a saber and the husband started running with the thief chasing him and he tripped and fell. The wife merely watched.

I saw this play a considerable number of years ago as a teenager and each of the explanations were enacted from the viewpoint of  the thief, husband, and wife.   When the beggar who witnessed this relates the story, it is again enacted and it is actually hilarious. Neither the thief or the husband was successful and the embarrassed wife attempted to make her husband the hero.

I saw this play at a neighborhood playhouse when I was sixteen and  never forgot it.  I learned then and there, every  story has three truths: the other person’s, mine, and the ultimate truth of the Universe we seek to find.

When I am looking to solve my own issue, I have to really rewash my own thinking and clean my own energy. Somewhere lurking in my human being is something left to clear, release and learn from.

Each time I am able to do this, I am a better counselor and all connected with me, all of us are closer to the Truth that sets us all free!


Blessings, Gloria

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