I.D. = G.I.A.

I have found myself seriously contemplating what is it really that groups of people segregate themselves from the majority of the nations, churches, or what have you that they have belonged to. What really creates groups like Al Quida and Isis?

Remember, this is just my opinion. This is my perception of what I think I see and hear. It’s not only in these violent groups but in our nations. People seem to be cutting themselves off from entire countries.

We have been experiencing that here in the U.S. Consequently they come to view those they have separated from into not so happy categories, giving them unfavorable labels, i.d.s etc.

Even if you are an atheist, you believe. You believe in the absence of God rather than the Presence of God.

My view is the following: I have learned to think of life as eternally continuous. I believe we are all energy beings, and the formation of the energy we are, the rate of movement, be it heavy or light, dark or bright, we are each a continuous strand of energy. For want of a better term, the strand of energy that we are is a part of the One Eternal Energy Source that most people call God.

The problem, it seems to me, is that so many people who accept the God idea, have in their minds created a specific personality, shape of a person or possibly an animal.

When that happens, we limit our personal power because we have reduced and limited the power of the God energy. Those who are parts of groups like ISIS Al Quida, the Ku Klux Klan, vigilantes et al. have done so because they need a sense of belonging. The original groups, countries, religions, they were born into for whatever reason seem to have excluded them. They are not a source or resource of comfort, security, employment or happiness.

As an example, today I was at an exhibit of Deco Art from around l900 to the l930s. Much of this was descriptive of erotic situations, images of women and men in behavior probably on the fringes of the societies in which they were raised. It occurred to me the elders, the disciplined ones became so fearful of the loss of their national identity, loss of the codes of honor and tradition from which they came, that in that fear of loss of control, they became militant. They put out to their people the need to become disciplined again to protect their culture. It seems to me this is how ISIS came to be. So many were from places and circumstances they lost their self-worth in those societies, wandering in feelings of no identity and so many times truthfully degrading, desperate for food, work and homes.

However they looked upon what we call God in their cultures as displeased with them,and more than likely they abandoned their orderly, loving, honorable beliefs I think primarily because the “God” they envisioned had human limitations and capable of not loving or liking its people.

I think of it like this. Creator is. Creator has no form, no politics, no right and wrongs. Creator is undefinable, unlimited light, energy, power from which we came. Creator is thought which itself is energy.

Creator is I AM and each and every one of us is a part of that I AM with the choice of Free Will. As we choose to see ourself and everyone else also as part of the I AM we are all I AM.

That magnificent undefinable eternal energy is love. I AM is love. Many philosophers, scientists, religious masters believe when we accept that not only are we part of it but exist in it, there can be no lack, no loss, but all that we can desire or require.

In that wonderful, timeless energy, all humanity can come to understand its beingness, its eternal self, no matter what shape or form we create to be at any given moment.

Because we happen to have our being at this moment in America, an incredible mosaic of love in many shapes and forms, we have a greater possibility to create that pure perfect loving society.

Now if enough of us can view our governing bodies as being in that CREATIVE PERFECT love, the One Power, the Alpha and the Omega, right now, imagine the possibility. All we have is NOW and NOW is where it all is.

Practicing our perfection, our oneness with Creator, experiencing each and every cell perfect and happy every day is a wonderful activity. Our thought is the energy of Creation and knowing that we are in part of that wonderful power, we can envision our perfect, loving, equitable society.

Accept your I.D. = G.I.A. Your I.D. is God I AM.

Blessings Gloria

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