June Has Busted Out All Over!

June has definitely busted out all over, but not exactly as written by Oscar Hammerstein II who was by all accounts an incredible optimist and man of faith!

Rather June has busted out in horrible weather patterns world-wide and many here in the U.S. June has busted out in extreme violence by maladjusted individuals drawn into chaotic situations and now also June has busted out in Europe created by the will of a small majority of British citizens.

For those of us who either unwittingly hear all this news or because we are somewhat if not real activists we become caught up in these crises world-wide which leaves us utterly unstable, unsure, insecure and highly stressed out if not totally neurotic in our own beings.

Therefore, I would like to share with you what the Hypnosis Enthusiasts group learned this past week just as Britain’s news was unfolding: It was wonderful.

All of us who did the exercises along with Peter O’Dell became incredibly calm, lighthearted, peaceful, and grounded.

Peter O’Del,l whose business is Success Easy has been a master hypnotist and NLP practitioner for a very long time. He’s an excellent teacher and very patient. (561-302- 7731,  peterwbd2d@gmail.com)

This is not an advertisement but I must share this wonderful technique that I believe will help all of us through these unpredictable times.

Here is the Spiritual Telepathy exercise as shared by Peter O’Dell concisely put. Its’ based on Spiritual Telepathy by Coleen Mauro.

Heart Exercises: allow yourself into a field of self-hypnosis. Access the field of unconditional love.

Experience it. Bring others into it, too. Bring those you love, those you are angry with, those you fear, those that are different from you.

The Three Bodies

Physical Body-Take care of it. Nothing in excess, get enough sleep, exercise.

Emotional Body-Harmlessness, Forgiveness, Compassion

Mental Body-Controlling the lower mind. Focus Meditation. Start with something easy, expand to more difficult items.


Connect to Your Soul-

Focus on a sport 6 inches above the top of your head. Move your consciousness to that spot. Visualize aline of light extending upward to your soul center. Hold this alignment for a few moments. Meditate on seed thoughts for a few minutes from this position. (“Let my soul direct my actions in daily life.” “I stand in the light and the light radiates through me.,” “The law of love is manifested through me, etc.”)

To end the meditations, visualize pure white light pouring down from your soul.


A Daily Meditation

Do self-hypnosis (called by many meditation). Access the field of Unconditional Love. Bring your loved ones in with you and particularly bring in those with whom you have difficulties. Bathe them in Unconditional Love.

For all of us, bring in the Earth and bathe it in Unconditional Love.

We had such a wonderful experience with this exercise which takes less than five minutes, I asked for permission from Peter to share it with all of you. Thank you Peter for allowing me to share this wonderful experience and technique.

For all of us in this time of planetary and social upheaval, may you all be blessed with this special parenthesis in time to practice Unconditional Love.

Blessings, Gloria

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    • Sharon Speer on June 30, 2016 at 11:47 am
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    I’m some what new to this. But will use all help posted and look forward to another meeting.

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