Love Songs

Dear Friends,

My daughter who is an exquisite expression of love, kindness, and immeasurable caring for others since she was a very, very little girl continues as an adult to express her compassion and understanding for others as well as for her husband and daughters.

While they were courting my son-in-law for a Valentine’s weekend took her to a lovely castle.

love songsMy granddaughters are exquisite examples of children nurtured to be who they are and cherished by their parents. Talented and loving and expressive in caring for others they have learned wonderful lessons from their parents.

My daughter shared with me this month what she had learned in her mediation.        

Love begins in the heart. There it has its beginnings. We are born in love. When healing is needed, it is important to focus on the heart center. This is the center and creation of love and true healing. When we allow our focus to be on the heart, we can listen and hear the wisdom and healing it has to offer. We can then raise or vibrations to expand its perfect gift all around us.

She is so right, especially in these times of our evolving universe and all the rapid changes that is occurring. I began practicing this again this week. It is so important to begin the day focusing on this place, this wonderful heart, the center of our being and our personal expression. We can allow our hearts to heal us as we listen for its lessons.

The more I thought about this, the more I remembered from when I was very little and how I loved love songs. I loved beautiful light music surrounding me with happiness and filling my being with joy. So many beautiful melodies that appear to have been lost in our current computerized world, but for me I find I can return to them and re-experience that joy and inspiration, the lightheartedness that is so truly wonderful.

There are many spiritual temples, churches, and I am sure, Buddhist and Islamic places of worship that have their own love songs.

I know in my place of worship we many such joyful songs.

Then I remember the melodies of my childhood that surrounded me and filled me with all that joy. You Are Love, I’m Falling in Love with Someone, Speak to Me of Love, and

Ah Sweet Mystery of Life.   Ah sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you. Now I know the secret of it all, for it’s love and love alone the world is seeking and it is love alone that rules for aye (me).

My wish for each and every one of us is to immerse ourselves in loving words daily. As we let that love flow out of our being purely and totally to each other and all others, we can heal and go forward creating a beautiful and loving planet and we canning within our hearts the love songs to others and ourselves.

Blessings, Gloria

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