I’m In Love With Who You Truly Are

And the title is the Truth!!

I was at a very nice workshop on business creation and marketing done by one of the Chamber of Commerce members and we were doing a group exercise. We were searching for that special something that makes us
stand out in our given path.

I thought, well I am a service. I practice and teach hypnosis to others. The reality is I am never really doing the “do to” part. Rather I guide you in the process of how to do for yourself which is the most useful.

To repeat the old saw so to speak, After going from 0 to 100 in trigonometryin college after only l5 minutes with the school counselor, I was permanently enamored with and in love with the process. No matter what
else I have done in my career and even personal life, there is nothing so totally satisfying to me as when I witness a “permanent, positive change” in the one I am guiding through the process.

In that instant of looking for my underling cause I quite easily and lovingly realized the truth of this statement. “I AM. In love with who You Truly Are! I am not particularly interested in how you present when you arrive or what you give as your reasons for choosing to be in the hypnotic state or learn to do it for yourself.

Hypnosistodaywithgloria.com, desire and motivation is to aid you into discovering your inner truth and who you really are. When you have done that it so much easier for you to continue to learn how to use self-hypnosis to hone your skills in whatever areas you choose. Most important is for you to really be in touch with and in contact with that wonderful, magnificent expression of perfect creation that is truly you!.

Since I am true believer in quantum physics and a truth that we are all pure energy in the first place, it is easy to me to take the next step and accept we are truly perfect energy beings; we are perfect divine minute energy perfections that move through our mothers to emerge into our Universe.

Of course, I cannot say I understand the mystery of why multitudes of us have chosen to come and experience some not so perfect experiences on our learning curve, but that is not mine to dwell on.

Rather I am totally in Love with and embrace the kernel of truth that I take ownership of: I am in love with who you truly are.

In that I leave you with blessings for a wonderful holiday and expectations that you also fall in love with who you truly are! It speaks to many wonderful expectations to emerge and as we all explore our inner beings that lead us to the truths that set us all free.

Happy Thanksgiving, Gloria

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