Originally, I had decided to pas on the April blog. With so much energy changing directions, shades and depths, I had decided to pass.

However, this morning, I had an aha Moment so to speak. While contemplating how I will begin my Happiness Hypnosis workshop, I had just reiterated my definition of hypnosis when Aha hit me on the head!

First: Hypnosis occurs when a dominant belief you have is suddenly replaced by a new stronger belief. Most times we are not aware of what triggered them. For example: “Don’t go out with wet hair; you’ll catch a cold.” That worked for years until living in Florida, I realized it was hotter outside than in and the hair dried faster!

Then we have the example of the husband watching his wife prepare the meat for roasting. She cut off both ends of the meat before she put it in the roasting pan. Since he possibly was anticipating every last wonderful bite, he asked her why she did that. She said, “I don’t know. M mother always did it. The wife calls her mother who says I don’t know. My mother always did it. She then calls her mother and asks the same question. The grandmother answers: “Because
the pan was too small.” That is an example of a dominant habit or belief that continues from childhood so automatically, and no one stops to think about it. This is kind of a harmless recurring habit but the principle on how more harmful patterns exist and repeat. They include people’s color, speech, rituals, clothes, eating patterns and everything else you can possibly think about.

Most of us come from an ethnic or racial background that has had unlimited beliefs, customs, habits. So many of these patterns trigger fear in these patterns others do not understand.. We were brought up on these fears which may very well go back to prehistoric times when the cave men and women may or may not have been the first human types on the planet. Through the centuries all these groups have developed joyful times also but coming along for the ride are the fear triggered feelings and patterns. They are those minute but stuck bits of energy that bump into and interfere with our current goals and happiness.

April is a month of two important holiday processes that I am sure about. Passover and Easter. Had the Egyptians not gone through the cities abusing the Hebrews, there would be no Passover. As we have been told the Lord punished the Egyptians by the first born of Egyptian babies dying. The Lord passed over the Hebrews who had put lamb’s blood on their doors.

Passover is an event that has a history surrounded by fear and blood shed resulting from the unjust attitude and behavior of the Egyptians to the Hebrew people. I really have no idea how much of that theory is documented. As someone who does not believe in a judgmental God and law enforcer, I have no clue why the Egyptian children died and not the Hebrew. Yet this is a solemn remembrance and sacred process for those of the Hebrew faith. Yet in the end, many families come together in gratitude love and friendship renewing the loving aspect of their relations as they celebrate during this time. They build love safety hope and joy each time.

Fourth century floor mosaic with a depiction, according to the British Museum of “Fear,” or “Phobos”

Christianity celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus after he was tortured by the Romans who it would appear were supported by the Hebrews, at least according to some Christian interpretation of the events. Our understanding was Jesus allowed this to happen so that those coming after him would be free from punishment of their sins. He died for us in advance.

I am an ordained New Thought minister in the Unity tradition as well as a healing facilitator when appropriate. Yet in my inner self I cannot accept the negative notions applied as to the causes of the dying of the Egyptian and not the Hebrew babies or of what happened to Jesus or what he really said regarding his Crucifixion.

People: I DO NOT KNOW!!!! I to the best of my knowledge I WAS NOT THERE!!!

Think of how much in the news today by reliable ethical reporters, no matter what their personal views are. It amazes me to switch channels and hear extraordinary different opinions on the same apparent facts. Don Miguel Ruiz and his son Don Jose Ruiz wrote in “The Fifth Agreement,” to NEVER ASSUME!

While still a sacred celebration in which some people still fast which carried over from Passover, Easter, the sacred holiday, has lightened up and we have Easter bunnies, colored eggs and chocolate rabbits and eggs.

I have no doubt fellow clergy will be up in arms at my simple explanation for the root cause of these current celebrations.

So much of what we celebrate, honor , and remember has its roots within the customs of the various groups. My point is the root cause.Be clear in understanding I am hypothesizing the root cause of these events. Furthermore, so has everyone else no matter how many titles they have.

What triggers all of these battles, conflicts, intolerance and hate. There are masses of them. What instills within our populations the intolerance, the fear that your opinion will not be heard, will not be respected, will not be honored, and that threatens our very existence.Can we not see that it is fear of the unknown; the unknown being the next moment in our timeless Universe that creates the insecurity, the imagining of immeasurable wrongdoing to ourselves and those close to us as well as those we do wrong to also.

Can you conceive a magnificent, bright, weaving pattern in all directions with exquisite colors, sounds of joy and peace, blanched on all sides by the ability of moving energy of which we are a part singing our way to joy, shedding the weight of depression, insecurity and feelings of worthlessness by cleaning and lightening that pure energy of which we are all made.

Can you imagine the dark spots, the unspoken fearful memories from before that hold us and our energy back from expanding into joyous equal but different light and love.

How can we choose to weave the beauty, color and love of all that is fresh and new and project it out into our Universe dissolving the fear, melting it refining it in to particles of love and light that allow us to express the best of our potential.

All we really have to do is take the time to contemplate the colors of our own energy bodies to squeeze out and refill our tiny cells that appear dark with loving light and see where they Can take us. Catherine Ponder, a famous Unity minister, who wrote many books and taught the laws of prosperity through love and self-value taught one of the primary laws of prosperity is: Money is God in action. This belief is to dispel the fearful myths that have been perpetrated through generations that those who are prosperous came by it unfairly, cheating, stealing etc.

Having the right attitude about money as God in action, understanding that all peoples have a right to prosper, that prejudices to those we don’t know do not make them unworthy, but rather is something to contemplate in our own energy. We can remove it, we can feel it away think it away, hear it away, see it away.

If each of us can imagine an exquisite mosaic of rich and light colors that represent who we are and hold that image of ourselves. Then if we could see the patterns of those we fear approaching in all their love and wisdom. Finally, if we could break down the barriers and see the others in a myriad of colors also. Finally when we imagine that we merge the beautiful talents that we are with the beauty of the other patterns approaching us, the end result is magnificence beyond every thought and word.

Seek out and examine the wonderful energy exercises we can all do to clear these energy patterns of ours into beautiful mosaics of love and light instead of fear.

There are many of us available to aid you reach these goals. Check yourself out with your inner self.

Blessings Gloria.

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