My Favorite Store

Today I had one of my favorite loving , amazing experiences. I went to Barnes and Noble. At this time in my life, there is no store more special to me than Barnes and Noble, an island of spiritual remembering and also part of the now experience.

Naturally at this time of year, they are all prepared for the holidays and the children’s section is magically singing as all the characters dance about and glowingly move in the ethers around us with their joyous stories and lessons of life done as only children ‘s books are able to do. 

I can feel Pete the Cat and the Cat in the Hat along with Huckleberry Finn, Snow White, Tom Sawyer, The Count of Monte Christo and so many other wonderful characters of so many fantastic stories that taught us so much of what we know about character, discipline, courage and all else that we can possibly imagine. Each one has a place in some of our hearts and others in the hearts of others. As I meandered through the store I had the not so sudden impulse to purchase every single book on the shelves. There is no area that is left uncovered from the seeker of truth, knowledge, imagination and everything else one can possibly think of.

Then since I am a member, I sat down to enjoy my complimentary hot chocolate with nice whipped cream. Just below me sat three lovely young girls very busy writing envelope with books in front of them. I asked them if they were working on a school project and they told me they were Jehovah Witnesses sending out information into the community. They were so neat and so diligent.

Naturally, I could not keep my mouth from moving son we had a conversation about universal truths such as butterflies flapping their wings on one part of the planet affect others in other places.

I explained to them I do hypnosis not to be feared but to understand it occurs when we replace one permanent dominant belief with another and I used Columbus discovering the world was round, not flat. They immediately let me know that the “ancients’ who are quoted in the bible knew all of this way before Columbus. They quoted Job:26:7, ”He it is Who stretched out Zaphon over chaos, Who suspended earth over emptiness, He who wrapped up the waters in, His clouds, yet no cloud burst under their weight. ….He drew a boundary on the surface of the waters at the extreme where light and darkness meet” a knowing of how the Universe operates to Isaiah:40:22 It is He who sits above the circle of the earth…. indicating the ancients KNEW the earth was not flat!!.

Therefore it was not Columbus who discovered the earth was not flat but the ancients before. However, what does this indicate? It indicates the ancients already knew the earth was round. It also indicates an awareness of what we call mindfulness etc. etc.

It all comes down to we are each with the ability to tune into all the necessary knowledge that we require at any given time by listening to the voice within. Listen to the part of you that I am always in love with : Your spiritual being-ness.

How magnificent this can become! If we all make the attempt especially now, in this sacred planetary time now, time of planetary movement, that appears sacred to all major cultures, what a difference we can make to return to ourselves the gift of peace on earth.

May your holidays be peaceful, happy, and fulfilling.

Blessings, Gloria


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