The Ocean

With all the chaos surrounding everyone on the planet, it appears, it is essential for me to go my place of power, trust, and inspiration.

On these days, I go to Juno Beach, Florida early in the morning before the sun is too hot or in the evening when the sun is going down. 

I have done this since I was in my teens. For quite a few years I have been unable to do this but now have again the freedom to do so.

As I walk on the long stretch of beach along the ocean, I feel the coolness and relief in my feet as they touch the semi-soft wet sand. The aroma in the air is so fresh with a light aroma of salt from the water. The clouds are doing a graceful ballet as they slide across the sky. Many times I imagine I see a large god sitting on a throne in the sky. I think to myself, this is how the ancients may have created their images of the Almighty, as well as angels and guardians. There was no artificial means of communication nor perhaps no writing yet even on stone tablets. But as I stretch my neck and look upward, above the ocean, I imagine they viewed all of this as the Supreme Almighty. Actually you might say they were correct, for as beautiful and powerful as these images I appear to see may be, the fabulous, wonderful UNKNOWN POWER, source of all allowed for their creation.

As I continue to walk along the ocean, I am almost at the same time IN THE SILENCE and yet hear the roar of the waves as they rise out of the water and crash down again. What a powerful sound! It’s rhythmic and yet irregular. Each ocean wave brings its own energy and its own thoughts as it rises up in inspiration and comes down at its conclusion.

As I keep walking, my feet are enjoying the end of the waves swishing against my ankles and sometimes insisting I sit down in them.  I experience my own empowerment. They serve to nurture my mind and body, making them stronger each and every one and each and every time.

Finally, I stop to look at the horizon. As a wise friend suggested, really look at the horizon and notice you can actually see beyond the horizon. Definitely there is that “stage” behind the horizon that allows us to imagine, view, and should we choose bring into reality all that we believe is there. And…..when we choose with the magnificent gift of free will we all have, what an incredible life and NOW we can create for ourselves and others in the now as we seek the Truth which sets us all free.

Blessings, Gloria

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