Open Up and Receive

Happy New Year everyone.

Some years ago, an MLM marketing person was attempting to interest me to become involved with a liquid elixir. He had a whole book full of testimonials about the miraculous changes it had made for so many.

I read this broad range of wonderful changes and then I said to him: “You know, Mr. D., we all have a higher consciousness. We grow in this consciousness. For those who need healing, when they have grown and processed to the point where they are open to receive it, it happens. Maybe it’s your elixir, maybe it’s hypnosis, maybe it’s a pill. Whatever it is, it is simply the door or window they enter and open up and receive.”

I believe this still. I have not seen anything to contradict this in my living experience. It’s important to note this.

Of late, with Dr. Sandra Landsman, I have had great experiences with Reconnection.  I have spoken to others who had a great experience also and those for whom it was more subtle and appears to have been delayed.

Clients have this kind of experience with hypnosis also. They may leave on Cloud 9 and call back and exclaim, “You’ve changed my life!”  Others may say, “You know I didn’t feel anything from hypnosis, but do you know later in the week, I remembered, this, that or the other.”

We are not Merlin, nor are we “The Christ” nor are we “Elijah” nor “Mohammed.” We are one of the groups of folks who find this technique the most effective way by which we can assist others, by which we teach others to help themselves more effectively. For us it is the easiest and most effective way to open up and receive.

When we teach others how to reach the altered state to open up and receive, it may lead them to still other effective means for healing or other positive changes. They may be meditation, yoga, tai chi, aromatherapy, reconnection, theta healing, reiki, therapeutic touch etc.

The point to remember is, any one of these may be the initial door that opens the client to open up and receive and accept their good. From there, they continue to open up to their good. They explore the other alternative avenues. All of this open them up to more and more of the good that is waiting for them. It’s all there for the taking.

When you’re ready: just open up to receive and accept your unlimited good and abundance.

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