The Pebble in the Water

I’m just knowing that everyone had a blessed, safe Thanksgiving with many things to share in gratitude.

However, in the midst of our joy are millions of people world-wide in tremendous upheaval, fear, and confusion.

I am one of those who believe those of us on the planet now are in the midst of experiencing this discomfort as our planet is moving to a higher place in our evolution. Energy is changing more dramatically than it has in a very long time. I hear many reports of unusual experiences, perceptions and physical as well as emotional upheavals many are having.

It brings me back to a series of books I read in 2001. The series was reprinted after many years. The first four were written by Baird Spaulding, a famous presenter in the late l800’s and early l900’s. It’s called the Teaching of the Masters of the Far East.

It begins somewhere in India where Mr. Spaulding meets a wise man in a large crowd who agrees to be the guide to Mr. Spaulding and the group he is traveling with. They are taken to amazing places where

they learn many mystical lessons pertaining to manifestation, health, prosperity and longevity.

One of the explanations given as to how to restore health in the body is an analogy of a pebble being tossed into a pool of water hits the water, ripples upon ripples starting at the center spread out further and further.

If we think of the pebble as our intention, and send it out into the atmosphere and into the ethers, we can create numerous changes as we can create health within our bodies.

However, this requires groups of us all over the planet sending the intention of love, peace, calm and understanding. It is my perception that many of us must do this. After all a journey of 10,000 miles begins with the first step.

How many of you have an intimate group? Even three or four is enough to get it started. Can you imagine the powerful effect of coalescing that much pure love energy and enhancing the expression of it rippling out across the Universe?

While thousands and thousands of politicians, world leaders and religious leaders are burying their heads in dismay and indecision caught in the grip of fear ( false evidence appearing real), our small, intimate caring, determined groups can quietly be radiating this wonderful pure energy, undiluted and unblemished by all the confusion and chaos around us.

We are approaching another holiday season celebrated in many different ways. Christianity, Islam, Judaism that I know of all have special intent. Along with them and others I am sure are out there those who view themselves as Spiritual or just everyday ordinary folks, can take the time to do this. We can just imagine we are pebbles in the streams of life consisting of Pure Love rippling through the Infinite Universe we call home.

If anyone in the West Palm Beach or Palm Beach County area are interested in joining me to do such a group, please call me at 561-358-7673.

Many Blessings, Gloria

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