Sacred Silence

In May of l976, on the eve of my return to New York, I woke up in my room in my folks home in Florida in the early hours of the morning. I woke up to the Silence. My first awareness was silence. Then I heard the sound of silence. It was my first experience to actually hear the sound of silence.

It was awesome. I was beautiful. I suddenly understood what others meant when they would refer to being in the Silence.

Within a few moments, I heard the most exquisite sounds I think I had ever heard. In those early hours of what I think of as almost nightlight, I heard a symphony! The symphony was the music of the birds as they woke up, greeted the Universe and greeted each other. It was a symphony. First one kind, then another, and another. They blended together just the way a symphonic orchestra does. It was truly, truly beautiful.

The result of this experience was from then on, I would communicate with birds. If there was one on the bush in the yard, we would have a conversation. Others who knew me thought I had lost it completely.  But for me, I was a happy camper feeling so special being able to have a conversation with the bird as a result of this experience. I felt more a part of the whole Universe.

I just got done reading Kryon Book 12 which discusses that silence is not silence at all, but in non-physical or non-material planes, silence is the conglomeration of all the different sounds of the Universe(s). It seemed to make sense because we say that black and white are not really colors, but the result of combining all colors. Whether or not this is fact, it may be a possibility.

However, in the Silence, I have learned to hear the beauty of it. Silence itself, in my perception of the Universe, is a truly exquisite sound. It is so exquisite, for me, it is sacred. There is just no other sound like it. And in that, I find and hear my truth, those things that are now true, useful, and practical for me. Therefore it is sacred.

Since we are now in the season of celebration for many different cultures and traditions, I invite all of you to consider listening for the Silence. Our world is such a constant noisy affair with all kinds of noises such as electrical inventions, as well as our highly competitive stressful society.  To be able to stop and listen and hear the beauty of the silence and hear the answers it has for us, is a truly wonderful experience.

My wish for all of you is to have this experience of Sacred Silence for yourselves.

Many blessings to each and every one of you for your celebrations in this season and for a happy, healthy New Year that will carry all of us forward toward peace on earth.

In Love, in the Light, Gloria

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  1. Hi Gloria,
    I finally got to read your blog. Sorry it too so long. Silence is truly magical.

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