The Stability of Change

Greetings Everyone,

While most people begrudgingly admit they do not like change, being the mis-matcher that I am, I LOVE CHANGE!!! Change is after all, at this time in the Universe, the only permanent principle.

Think about your phones, your computers, your iPads, your notebooks, your tablets. Daily, they all go through, I cannot even begin to contemplate: newer, better, for sure more technological change!

To understand my way of thinking you have to know more about me. When I was growing up, my parents were always moving here, there and everywhere. We lived in four places in Cliffside Park, New Jersey before I was seven. Between seven and twelve we moved back and forth between Florida and New Jersey. We had three different places there.

I was definitely not a happy camper. It seemed that every time I was just beginning to make friends, was going to be in some school event or other, we up and went and moved again. In my misery, my mother would say, as long as we are together as a family, we are HOME.

It took me until my teens to latch onto that concept. Eventually, the change which I disliked, translated into my stability and my anchor. I came to understand that in one moment, an instant change could alter my life.

Why? Because in just an instant, I was able to translate a disability, a barrier or an obstacle through change. In an instant, I could alter my attitude. In an instant, I could discover another way of doing something. In an instant, I could get out of the box.

I share this frequently with clients who come to me stuck, in a rut, either in a physical situation, an emotional one, or environmental.

Dr. George Bien, master trainer and official trainer for the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, gives one of the most useful definitions of hypnosis for those in these situations.

He says hypnosis is an escape mechanism caused by focus or distraction, interest or boredom, joy or sadness. It is this ESCAPE INTO INNER SELF that creates POWER of debility.

Now, if you have escaped into debility, learning self-hypnosis to translate that into POWER is a change that rings immense happiness, health, freedom and prosperity.

And, again, when the pain of where you are is greater than your fear of the unknown, you are ready to learn how t do it.

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Blessings, Gloria

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