Stars Bursting in Air!

New Year’s was a joyful experience and January brought forth a wonderful trip by Divine Appointment and the generosity of my cousin as well as support of my daughter.  Therefore it seems that it burst forward and I experienced the joy of being continually win joyful starlight. Together with a good friend we evolved in many exciting evolutionary experiences with happy endings.

What is actually going on or in the physical plane (since we still physically function in the third dimension while experiencing steps to move into higher ones)  is increased exploration and development of our energy fields and really improving the creations of our own realities.

We are incorporating “energy medicine” techniques into our daily plan, beginning the day with five minute or so daily energy routines from Donna Eden’s work and expanding and exploring how we effectively improve our own health, mental attitudes, and what we are creating.

I blog monthly so those who need to see physical proof I am still actively moving in the physical realm, but at the same time, I ask myself ,how can I express my truth this month  to provide another perception or aspect on the learning journey. (I know change occurs each moment but is not necessarily obvious).

Therefore I am sharing the experience of Stars bursting in air! The more I  practice and am mindful of the techniques that increase  my awakening and awareness, the more I am able to rethink and repair myself and my plan on this journey. I feel like joyful stars are bursting in the environment.

I have come to the conclusion that for those who are interested in my services, I choose to focus  on daily contemplation. I love the term contemplation. Every few years or so we have new “buzz”words. For the past ten years or so (I think) meditation was replaced with mindfulness. Now, in this “sacred instant” (since time for me is an illusion of this lifetime) I am loving and living with easy use of contemplation!

That may be an oxymoron when talking about stars bursting in air, but it works for me in my personal reality. Daily, each moment has become more contemplative, but also more exciting.

Feeling the energy that I am more thoroughly and completely as I move and in my Beingness, it is workable. It is very compatible with my sort of permanent awareness that change is the only permanent principle in the Universe (or maybe universes??).

Now within this exciting evolutionary experience, for me, is the momentary necessity of viewing everything from a place of love. It means declaring : “I Am Love.”  This is my purpose on the planet:  to be a vehicle of unconditional love continually and allow it to expand around me to others here, there and everywhere.

I am declaring this as my purpose,  why I think I am here.  It also means this is my goal and I am continually working toward it. It does not mean I have yet arrived at its perfection. As a matter of fact, my definition of perfection within myself is honoring the imperfection in others. I feel that allows flexibility around the edges of my unique energy pattern on the planet which then permits harmonious merging  with the energies of others ideally. It is still a work in progress.

This is how I plan my day. I address The Lord as my eyes open. (That is I address the Lord as the undefinable mystery of the Universe or Universes as I am able to contemplate.)  Then I express my gratitude that I may meet and serve all those chosen for me by this Undefinable  Love and Wisdom Source and by its grace I am prospered and overflowing.

In closing in this month of Valentines, love being center stage, this is my purpose:

Dear Lord, I Praise and Bless You, that in this day, I meet and serve all those you have chosen for me by Divine Appointment, and by your Grace I am prospered, pressed down and overflowing.

May we all continue  on our own unique paths to explore and find the truth that sets us all  free.


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