Stars of Love Light

Needless to say  this has been a year of major changes and conflicts among so many as they find their root values are challenged it seems all over the world.

Those of us who wish to separate from conflict and  explore all that we can do to create peace among all that is transpiring are really having to put a  great deal into our positive thoughts and do our best to dismantle the negative.

There are quite a few instances of channeled communications that are  reported come from much higher evolved beings on the other side.All remind us that we are true children of the Creator and we are here learning our various lessons and doing all we can to create love and peace.

Many talk about how our earth was  seeded by highly evolved beings to be a planet of love and peace. I am not about to say whether or not these things are so.

However, I have been toying with the idea of seeding. If we can imagine that each of us is a star of love light in the Universe, ( Stars represent  so much of love and romance and light which of course they are,) it seemed to me if we could just imagine that each of us is a precious beautiful star shining our love light among others all around us in our immediate   circumstances and extending that to others all over the planet, how exquisite that could be.

I find it exciting to imagine that I am a star of love scattering seeds of Love Light all around me and all around the planet.

Of course those of you who  read this blog know that as someone who works with energy and the power of suggestions, that the subconscious mind knows not the difference between immediate so-called reality from that which is imagined.  

So if each of us takes a little time to contemplate we are really stars of love light seeding the planet with more love and light which permeates into all others and allows them to experience the joy and wonder of love and light, how exciting that could be. After all  thoughts are energy and we and our planet are energy beings.

Each of us creating our own Universe immersed in shimmering stars of love and light which  bless and raise each and every other human being to this place of magnificence, what an extraordinary feat that would be.

In that thought and with that mission we can truly celebrate all the cultures and traditions and sacred holidays that each of us embraces and truly have a glorious holiday season and abundantly joyous New Year.

While we are about this mission, contemplating each of us is a star of Love Light seeding the planet with more love and light, within each of us, may be discover the Truth that sets us all free.

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Happy Holidays to all my friends sharing their Love and Light.

Blessings, Gloria

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