Someone reminded me today that the root word in psychology is psyche which originally referred to the soul.
That inspired me to look at the word Thanksgiving and contemplate what each and every letter represents for me.
T is for Thoughts -the amazing collective consciousness that created that thankful energy for survival and abundance to go forward.

H is for Happiness. There is an indwelling happiness within each of us that recognizes we are more than survival. We are a community of sharing people.
A is for Awesome. How truly awesome that so many different groups have continued to come after Jamestown and Plymouth.. Awesome to think that continual streams of incredible courageous people have continued to come, build, share and strengthen who we are.
N is for Newness. This is the newness of creative ideas constantly flowing forth for expand our consciousness and our planet.
K is for Kindred spirits. We have boundless small communities of kindred spirit both for   living and for work.
S is for Success. We are a people raised with the unconscious knowing that we are meant to succeed. We have the stamina to keep our eye on the ball and go forward, no matter what.
G is for our Goals. We have magnificent goals that include embracing all our people continually growing and expanding on new pathways to be sure each and every one has the opportunity to live up to their potential and reap its rewards.
I is for Ideas-great ideas that are determined to find new avenues of improvement within our nation to strengthen our ability to meet each other on wonderful roads and on new high speed trains.
V is for Victory. Victory is built into our genes. We are born with the knowing in our genes that believe and know the truth in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (humanity) are created equal, entitled to the pursuit of happiness.”
I is for Intent. Our intent as a people and a country is to enjoy freedom with respect that each and every other person is entitled to freedom to pursue the very best for the self and for others.
N is for nurture. While pursuing our goals and new ideas, we choose to nurture each other, our communities and our lands which are also entitled to protection for us and for our children and future generations.
G is Gratitude. Gratitude leads us to remember all of the above to be grateful for and bless all that we have been endowed with.
May each and every person in our United States, all these states which chose to come together and be part of the greater whole for the benefit of all celebrate today and give thanks that we after two hundred and forty years and all the conflict and turmoil we have overcome, that we are still the
United States of America
Our Union Stands.



  1. Lovely Gloria.

  2. Gloria, well done.

    Hugs, Sandy

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