The Jigsaw Puzzle

It came to my mind this month to retell one of my favorite life experiences. It happened in l975 just before my daughter went into kindergarten. I was in Florida with her visiting my parents, giving a hand to my mother. Dad had had serous eye surgery and the recovery was tedious and did not work out to his expectations.

While there, I found a jigsaw puzzle that someone had given to Dad as a get well gift. He certainly had no use or ability to use it. I decided to work at it.

It was a beautiful picture of a baby grand piano in an elegant perhaps l9th century décor with a rich looking red shawl draped over it. There was music on the top and an exquisite violin on top of it. Now Dad and I played around a lot, he on the violin and I on the piano. I could not resist.

It took me seven days and nights to complete that puzzle. There was one particular piece that was so ugly looking! I did my best to put it where I was sure it had to go t get I out of my way! I did everything I possibly could to fit in in there, to no avail. I was about ready to toss the whole thing.

Finally, I resigned myself to putting all the other pieces into place. When I was almost done there was one spot left. In the entirely opposite direction, at the top right hand corner of the puzzle instead of the bottom left, that ugly final piece fit! When it was in its proper place, it looked beautiful!!!!

I learned a life-long incredible lesson!. No matter what happens in our life, no matter how awful an experience or outcome may appear to be, in the end, when we step back and review our life experiences and lessons, it becomes part of a truly beautiful, exquisite energy pattern that is who we are in this existence. We blend beautifully into the Universe.

Now I am a hypnosis practitioner and mindful of my profession. I believe hypnosis occurs when something occurs that changes our belief so strongly that it bypasses the critical factor of our conscious minds and permanently replaces thought in the subconscious.

Those who are not familiar with hypnosis and terrified of the word itself so do not understand this is a process. No one can make us do anything we choose not to do.

For me the experience of doing that jigsaw puzzle was definitely a hypnotic experience! That I focused for seven days and nights on that one puzzle piece that  held me in an altered state of concentration. Finally, when I had my realization it definitely bypassed all the ugly pieces in my life to that point and reformed my thinking structure. From that time on, I can easily step back and really remained grounded in the knowledge that no matter what is going on, no matter how it may or may not agree with my perceived goals, in the end it is a beautiful part of the pattern of who I am, an exquisite energy being, part of the magnificent Universe in which we abide.

May each and every one of you share in my enthusiasm and inspiration from this experience, especially

in the times in which we now exist and the confusion and tragedies that appear to have fallen on our

planet. When we go to the power place, step back and look at our entire planetary events, we may see the exquisite unfoldment of all that is and yet to be beyond our wildest imaginations.

May we stretch our thoughts and reach out to find the truth that sets us all free.

Happy New Year,


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