The Perfection of Imperfection

I find myself contemplating the perfection of imperfection. Some Spiritual Belief Systems
believe we leave the perfection which actually includes no judgments of any kind or emotions either of The Universe to come to earth to have these experiences, to gain a knowledge of feeling good or bad, hate or love and everything else.

Perfection of ImperfectionThese schools also believe we do many times in an expansion of learning here how others feel and how to use this knowledge without emotion when we return to the total Perfection of the Universe where there are no feelings or emotions.

This is like thinking about the moon. We see at night the light side of the moon, but then there is the other side which is dark.

On this plane we meet many who bring us joy and fulfillment and other who are many times an endless thorn in our sides so to speak.

If you really contemplate that and have not yet done so, give yourself permission to analyze
what it is that’s annoying in others. If you do this from a neutral place of exploration you will
probably find the things that irk you moWithout this ability to explore those aspects of yourself viewing them in others, it is unlikely that you can zone in on yourself and create changes that are more beneficial to you and to others around you.

It appears to me that more and more in our world today, people are becoming enraged at what they see as the wrong thinking or beliefs of other while ours are so perfect in our own minds.

One would think that with all the superior scientific experiments and explosion of knowledge we are exposed to, to learn from, to do better and be more creative, we have instead become more “tribal” so to speak in our thinking and emotions. Not my favorite word but. Tribalism seems to be the latest buzz word for issues on which we disagree.
Instead of being families, cultures, and different nationalities, instead of having groups of people getting together and sharing different ideas and plans with each other that seems in the not so distant past, we go into tribe mode.

Personally, I can honestly say I really do not understand this. It’s massive disconnected wave groups discombobulated and surrounding us all.

I believe and I do believe we need to be aware of the climate and how our carelessness
contributes, the weather everywhere is speaking to us. The Universe is speaking to us through all this to demonstrate the inordinate mess all of this has created in our Universe. Yet this is an example of the Perfection of Imperfection. It is a powerful expression for us to learn from.

I had occasion yesterday to child sit for a few hours for my neighbor. Not prepare with anything for the child to entertain him with, I was at a loss. No need. Me who can’t sand all this extreme technology, streaming and all of that, and I am usually frustrated by it, found to my relief my young neighbor sat down quietly at the dining room table and entertained himself with all these cartoons that he was able to play on the phone. For me that was a real lesson in the perfection of imperfection thoughts on all of this tech stuff. I was grateful.

So may I lave you with the idea, as you take the time to be “mindful” or meditate or
contemplate, may you experience your own joyful moments of gratitude for the perfection of imperfection in your own lives.

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