The Pure Essence?

August 27th, 2017 was the first service of the new home of the United Metaphysical Church of the Palm Beaches. Reverend Justin Terry did a magnificent job. Recently returned from a retreat so to speak in California with the one and only Tony Robbins, his service and metaphors were exceptionally wonderful. They were pure, Justin, but had an extra pure perfect energy emanating from them.

So it was during the second week, when he presented us with recognizing our very greatest enemy: He told us where to find it. Finding it was a really circuitous, complicated method: LOOK in the MIRROR!

The way he did it was really cool. At any rate, he really did lead us up or down, depending on your
perspective, the proverbial ”bridal path” to this ultimate truth.

For those who have mastered Spiritual truths to the degree they face an attacking lion or cyclone cloud coming their way and easily turn it around or calm it down, they see the incredible truth of Pure healing love and essence of the Universe. All of you who have ever met me, you know I throw out my Mother’s favorite line, “Call me anything but don’t call me late for dinner.” And so it is. I am naming this: “The Essence,” but to each of us this is personal and perhaps different. Does any of us really know when we label something red or blue if we actually see the same color? What particularly amazed me about Rev. Justin’s talks was he was speaking his truth to the degree I felt I could almost cut and slice a piece off for myself. No kidding. I wanted to grab it and keep it. Those emanating that intensity of pure healing loving energy such as Buddah, Jesus, and other great teachers completely mastered the ability to be centered in and hold onto and perpetuate that pure essence.

Now when clients come to me to discuss their various issues and to be coached to an alternate way of thinking, in the back of my mind is the goal for them to achieve grabbing a hold on this significant truth of “something better.” It is not for me to decide what the real issue is for them. My job is to lead them to a place where they can discover what the solution is. My job is to lead them to their mirror of truth by guiding them on a safe path to find it. When I am successful, (and there are some who would disagree) clients have their aha moment and this extraordinary awareness; a supreme energy dissolves the unwanted and limiting beliefs and their thinking is transformed. When the thinking is transformed, all else follows suit like the dominos dropping as people used to say. ( Does anyone play dominoes anymore with real dominos?)

In the last century, perhaps through the l970’s, those of us who coach others with various suggestions along a specific line recognize their true goals as opposed to stated wishes, it was reasonably easier to guide them to a clear path and teach them how to remain in this great nurturing energy.

However, we are now in the age of technology and many of us are successfully using methods to guide clients to where they choose to go using technology and the language of technology to achieve their goals.

Along with that is the recognition there is so very much more to learning and daily new expansive
theories and ideas, the best way to achieve long term goals is set a plan, work toward its manifestation, and be ready to then expand to the next. This is the structure of our society today.

Humanity In a weird way is recognizing its identity as light, energy and electricity and how to recreate
itself effectively and still hold onto that which is unique and wonderful and personal to each and every
one of us.

I salute the continual journey to the truth that sets us all free.

Blessings, Gloria

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