The Tangled Yarn

It appears that more so over the past year, many things are changing daily and rapidly, even for those of us that take the time too meditate and think the day through as we awake or contemplate the next day before we retire in gratitude for the day we had.

So many I know are having all. Kinds of business and personal experiences and challenges going on at the same time. I find as I listen to their stories and toss my own in with it. We all seem to be balancing or attempting to balance on huge thick pieces of bubble wrap popping up all around us as we desperately attempt to stay straight up!

It reminds me of a client I had some time back who before she came to see me was sharing her stresses and confusion about decision-making on the phone.

I listened and then I asked her to take a deep breath and imagine that she had a large skein or ball of yarn that was very tangled up. I suggested that she mentally imagine herself finding one loose end  and begin to work from. From there  she could at least unravel one small end. That would then lead to the next end. We talked about this as she moved her strand in and out through intricate places  back and forth, sometimes seemingly lost  but always, finally able to get back to a place where there was another small opening, another opportunity to move that yarn until finally it was one very, very long piece stretched out on the floor. From there she was able to take a now fresh, free end and begin to methodically wrap it onto a stick      or a small block of some kind that could evenly be wrapped.

She was able to do that and, finally, she created peace for herself as well as order and focus.

Now these days by invitation from a friend, we are doing a class together where we are learning to effectively use and change our energy by moving energy patterns around our bodies and you might say pulling the tangles out and tapping on significant acupressure points and run our hands across meridians up, down and diagonally.

It’s really wonderful. There is also a reasonably short form to use the first thing in the morning to recharge and focus for the day. Personally, I love it! (Those of you who know me and know how I can turn every conversation into a speech) may laugh. But really in my own true self, I enjoy having quick if not instant fixes to annoying issues. This works really well for me.

Since as a hypnosis practitioner as well as New Thought minister,  I like somewhat”magical” solutions, I find this a great form of hypnosis also. For those terrified of the word hypnosis, meditation or mindfulness will work just as well.

As  most of you may well know by now the definition of hypnosis that works best for me is: when some new learning comes along that tells me I like it! This is the truth for me, it immediately replaces some worn out stuck thinking permanently! Ergo: hypnosis occurred.

So with many blessings for today, tomorrow and eternally, I leave you to discover the solution for your own tangled yarn.

If I can help you can reach me at 561-683-4220 or.

Again happy Turkey Day!

In Love and Light, Gloria

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