The United States of Me!

As life has it these days, people are very vocal and in great disagreement with just about everything going on nationwide as well as worldwide.

It got me to thinking of how important Unity is in the country and for all of us: for harmony, peace, cooperation and just about everything else. Charles Florence-Founder of the Unity movement, believed that the Garden of Eden is symbolic for our own bodies and Spiritual selves. When we operate from our logical minds and stay in tune with what keep our beings in balance, we remain in balance. Another way of looking at it is that the different states of our mind and brain are United in harmony and balance.  When we go to extremes we are rather fighting between our states and of course we have the phrase United We Stand, divided we fall.

We might say the parts of the brain and the way the mind functions when they are in conflict are pretty much like the states or the North and the South, our brains fighting their own Civil Wars or East is East and West and West is West and the wrong one I have chose (unless of course you are inspired to rise above all of that and choose Unity.} When we have Unity in our thinking, remain calm and balanced, when we meditate or choose a self-hypnotic trance state, we can create our own healthy balanced United States of Me. When we strength our physical armies with proper exercise and supply with right food and water we become stronger and better countries ready to lead when necessary.

While our nation is protected by natural borders, The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, our United States of Me borders are our skeletal structures and our states are all the organs and glands that are affected by the reasonable rule of our parts of the brain which compose our capital.

When we get out of balance, when we are too much one way or the other, either too strict and narrow in our thinking and emotions or too free and disorganized in our thinking, we weaken these borders and our states: healthy organs, glands ,and our transportations systems , our arteries and veins.

This may appear nonsense to some, but I find the analogy very useful for my own regulation and discipline of me, the United States of Me which then provides the most efficient me in the Universe in which we live.

I leave you all to contemplate my analogy if useful to you to create a healthier, happier, balanced, productive you that leads to the truth that sets us all free.

Blessings, Gloria

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