To the New Year..

We have welcomed in a new year. I must admit the old one flew by before I had more than a glimpse! I am still debating if that’s a positive or a negative. How about it’s the way it’s supposed to be in the grand scheme of things.

By now I expect all those who make New Year’s resolutions have done so. Some may even be following them. I know two or three people doing workshops on effective ways to do this. One of them has graciously volunteered to do his for my IACT Group, Hypnosis Enthusiasts as we are now called! We look forward to the presentation in February.

However, before we can really get going and sink our teeth into our new resolutions for positive changes and experiences, it would behoove us to be mindful of what we need to clear out.

This is nothing new of course, but this month I woke up one morning determined to get a specific room cleared out at home. I kept to it and got it done. In the process, I discovered I already had three things necessary to go forward with my goals for the year. I was more than pleased and I then had one of those AHA moments.

Really in order to go forward efficiently with our goals and desires, we really do need to clear out the clutter whether it be physical items or in our thinking. Otherwise there is no room to let the good stuff in. Clearing the physical as well as mental clutter allows good pure fresh energy into the entire situation.

I am sure many of you already do this. Many of us don’t. What I found buried under the clutter was useful, efficient, and saves me time and investing in other material. I have it in my hand.

The day after, my daughter called me. She and her husband live for their children. My daughter noticed that areas in which her girls have weaknesses mirror her own limitations. She has set out to create a new map and plan for herself, working on improving her own limitations whereby her girls learn from her how to overcome their own. I think it’s wonderful! My perception is the best training and teaching is by example.

There have been more than a few occasions in my lifetime where clients and others I know have said they learned from me by how I deal with my own situations and how I handle so-called “crisis” situations. The reality is the term crisis is not particularly part of my vocabulary. I love the term taught in one of my ministerial classes by the late Rev. Dr. Barbara Hanshaw. She always answered when things were upside down, “I’m having an exciting evolutionary experience!”   I love that expression and use it frequently and share it with others because it changes the entire perception and lightens and brightens the energy.

My wish for you this year is that whenever what seems to be an obstacle or delay occurs, you are able to declare you are having an exciting evolutionary experience. I relish and enjoy the expectation of it.

Clear out, clean the slate, create a new map and many blessings as you go forward on your new quests for 2016.

May they bring you closer to the Truth that sets us all free!

Blessings, Gloria


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