What Colors Are Your Costume?

In my first an only philosophy class, the first thing the instructor did was ask each of us to describe a chair. Answered varied, it’s light wood. It’s straight. It has no arms. It is so cal, so wide, so deep and whatever else we could all think of.

I thought at the time it was annoying  but it laid the groundwork for a great understanding. It is not likely that any two people saw the chair the same way.

Now I love and am fascinated by color. I decided to research it a tiny little bit on the computer and know that all colors somehow are a combination of red, green and blue. What we see is how they are combined and mixed together.The energy they emit is relative to the additive mixing of the primary colors.

When all colors are mixed together we have white.

What fascinates me is this: how do we know if what I see as red, blue or green is what anyone else actually sees as red, blue or green. We have that which all of us see, but  how do we really see it? Science labels the names of the colors, but there really to my best knowledge, know of any way that my red looks like your red, or your blue my blue or your green, my green.

I love to use this to describe our evolution of being and our thoughts.They have wavelengths: short medium and long relating to the cones in the human eye. They are called blue sensitive, green sensitive and red sensitive. Today these wave lengths have the labels S,M. An dL.

These types of color receptors allow the grain to perceive signals from the retina as different colors. Some say humans are able to distinguish about    10 million colors.

Those of you who follow these blogs will remember how thrilled and excited I got  fining out that energy is positive and negative. Positive thoughts create higher vibrations, and negative thoughts lower vibrations. Now here I am wondering which colors really go with these different vibes. One article says that violet is the highest wavelength (if I go tit right).

So here I am with the thoughts again. What colors are your costume? How positive and constructive is your thinking. Depending on our thoughts and the colors they create is how we function and evolve.

If one is able to mix every single color together you have white! What I love about that is this who can view every single color, every single color of skin, and every thing else that goes along with these thoughts creates the costume we wear.

Look around your environment. Do you drive a blue or red or green or white car? Do you have a more complex mixture that give you a turquoise or a violet or a yellow (close to white).

How have you hidden your truth, the reality of who you are in the colors you create with your thoughts, your wavelengths and all that surrounds you?

Imagine you are Van Gogh, or Matisse, or Vermeer? You are now creating a painting.Your thoughts, your impressions, your feelings are going to determine how you paint or draw your paintings.  Can you feel the excitement, the energy, the vibration as you imagine yourself painting as your favorite artist has? How does that help you to clarify your thinking?

Do your works of art have dark place, perhaps under brighter colors? Are they hiding the parts of you that you still choose to bury? Or, have your become free of the dark and ope to the light?

For many years people used to think that dogs saw one in black and white. Experiments started in 1989, prove they also see yellows and purples (which by the way are higher vibratory colors.) I wonder if this is why we say,” Dog is man’s best friend.”

When yellow, magenta(red) and cyan are mixed together for computers/printers, you will absorb all the light and only see black because no light is reflected back to your eyes.

You can have some fun with this by going to www.webexhibits.org/causesofcolor/1BA.html or www.omsi.edu/tech/colormix.php.

I still come back to as interesting as this all is and what they designate as each color, etc. and we all agree that what we are looking at is blue, red, etc. we still cannot be sure that each of us sees what we are all indicating as red, blue, or green the same way.  All we know is that what we all look at together and agree to has the same label. There we have to stop.

Now, suppose we take a look at everything that is happening in our environment, in our country, in our world and on our planet and in our Universe.We look at the same incidents, the same people, but we don’t call them one color, one sound!! We reverse the process and instead of a beautiful painting, we have created utter chaos.

What if we all could create a painting of colors, even in our imagination, step back and look at it and release the venom to recreate peace?

What an experiment that could be!  We could convert Halloween into All Saints Day!


Blessings, Gloria

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