What!! Not Again!

Events this past month have brought me back to this principle. We attract what we create.

People that I encounter in my practice have the same kinds of challenges happening over and over again. Usually, the person ends up in conflict, frustration, or has an unforgiving attitude and unable to let it go.

Dr. Michael Ryce’s book and workshops are titled: Why is This Happening to Me Again? Colin Tipping has workshops based on his book, Radical Forgiveness. Both of these authors are dealing in their own ways with this process that appears to occur for most of us.

They both agree there was an initial issue which we call an initial sensitizing event. This seems to recur for most of us over and over again. Both of the authors will attest to that.

However, neither author deals with it from the perspective of the brain. Rather they focus on the emotions. Today scientists are working with what is called “neuroplasticity.” This term covers a lot of different aspects of how the nervous system works.

Those of us in the field of hypnosis as well as psychologists and psychiatrists have come to understand there is an area of the brain that triggers the same response or reaction from us whenever the “event reoccurs.” Really, almost all of us fall back to a thought pattern linked to a feeling that creates responses we would rather not have as well as a series of thoughts we would rather not have.

I am about to give you a brief description to give you a general idea of what happens. For sure, I am not going into the involved brain process. This is totally unnecessary for our purpose.

Suffice it to say, the amygdala, the most primitive area of the brain is the final trigger that fires our neurotransmitters to create the response we would rather not have. From the initial sensitizing event, the neuron(s) build a mass of neurotransmitters. I ask my clients to imagine these neurotransmitters as a large muscle that has built up over time.

As created by the authors mentioned above and many others, there are all kinds of techniques you can use to overcome “the reaction.” Nevertheless, it can be costly to attend these workshops between the investment in the actual workshop, the travel expenses if they are far from you etc. You might spend a week end, a week, or sometimes a few months. What happens during these times is a series of repetitious techniques and activities to replace the unwanted response and thought patterns.

However, if you understand about this wonderful tiny part of the brain, the amygdala, you can create your own changes. It only takes a few sessions with those of us who coach you through the process.

What we do is first help you minimize the feeling and then easily provide you with the steps to tap away that which you choose to eliminate.

First you need to tap the actual negative thoughts. This helps you bring to the surface and activate the neurotransmitters that create this. Next we have you tap on the recognition that this is not you but the brain and you release and let go. Finally, the next tap sequence is to put in place the positive thought process you are choosing to have.

This also requires repetition. However, when you do these steps with the understanding that these simple steps are creating a detour and bypass from the offending neurotransmitters, it becomes easier and easier. Finally you are creating new neuropathways with positive thoughts. The more you do this, the better and easier it gets. Finally, the new neurotransmitters become more and more and replace the old ones.

I realize this is not the exciting, thought provoking or meditative thoughts generally shared, but I assure you this can bring you freedom and joy you may have thought beyond you. There are many websites you can visit that specifically discuss “Fast Track EFT.” You can find your way to which appeals to you.

Important to remember with all of these techniques is that each and every one of them change the energy in which you are immersed. Remember that all thoughts are energy as well as every other aspect of who we are; that is we are unique patterns of energy, part of the unlimited pattern of the total Universe. As you investigate and explore using these various tools always remember you are energy immersed in the great unlimited Universe. As you continue to explore and discover and gravitate to what is the most comfortable for you, you discover what is best for you. The more you explore and discover, the closer you are to the Truth that sets us all free.

You can also check out one of us who can coach you through these processes. You would most definitely want to choose someone you connect with so to speak and in reasonable distance to where you are located.

You will be pleasantly surprised on how easy you can overcome long-term issues and emotional reactions and defeating thought patterns to have a fuller happier life.

Blessings, in the Light, Gloria

You can reach me at havetalkswtravel@gmail.com, revglo115@gmail.com or call 561-358-7673

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