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Workshop/Speaking Topics:

The Stability of Change

Change is the one permanent thing in the Universe. This Worskshop demonstrates techniques to easily embrace change and make it work for you.

Are You Sure You’ve Never Been Hypnotized?

Most people think they have never been hypnotized when,   in fact, they are on a daily basis. This workshop makes you aware of all the ways in which you are unconsciously persuaded.

 “Excellent Presentation – wish I could have heard it sooner.”  ~G.R.

Excellent topic – wish I could have heard it sooner. I was thinking the ability to change can affect us in a positive way—be able to make “changes” Turned my thinking inside out—tuned right into where I am today. I hope you can reach hundreds of thousands with your message about the Stability of Change.  Terrific.”  ~Sabrina



A Spiritual Journey to Better Health

A condensed summary of various ways in which to expand your spirituality daily, in less than five minutes routines.



 “I am covinced that relaxation is probably the key to all dis-ease in the body. Hypnosis is so helpful in achieving that especially for people who are challenged trying to relax…….After the session I  had an AHA  light bulb about the word RELAX…My stomach is better now  but, I know I have to be consistent in relaxation technique….You are a good teacher.”   ~Love, D.



The Power of the I AM.

This is the specific use of the I AM sound to increase your vibration whereby you can expand your consciousness more quickly.



“I loved the program and feel more at peace now. I actually got tears from appreciation of my love of animals.”  ~B.C.



Spiritual Hypnosis

A six week workshop with a specific protocol. It is the repetition that increases the intensity of the experience which generally maximizes at six weeks.



“I can never thank you enough for putting me on this path of discovery..for myself and others. You are an inspiration and soul sister.”   ~G.G.