Year of the Reconnection


During 2014 I decided to explore the Reconnection Training as taught by Eric Pearl and his assistants.

This consisted of two areas: the first two were Reconnection Foundational Healing. The next course was the actual Reconnection. 

While we were learning this, it was explained that this process requires an ability to open up and receive, not necessarily something specific but a willingness to open up to whatever the Universe is sending to you. In that it was explained that the three components are Information, Light and energy. He explained that information and light travel on energy. The amazing thing to me was two weeks before I took the initial training for Parts l and 2, I woke up in the morning and I actually saw in the upper corner of my room what appeared to be a thin streak (like a strand of yarn) that looked like lightening with what appeared to be waves of movement over it. When I heard the explanation of light and information traveling on the energy, I realized I had the visual of that explanation presented to me in advance.

When one of my colleagues presented to the hypnosis and other alternative modalities group I lead, he shared a session he had done with a client whereby he then said the positive result occurred because he had changed the energy.

By now everyone who follows this blog is probably aware that at this point in my experience on this plane I believe that everything is some manifestation of energy vibrating on infinite levels whether or not all of them are known to us.

Recently, Roger Armstrong, Psychic Abilities Trainer asked the question on Linkedin’s professional network for hypnosis professionals and psychotherapists about how the rest of us feel about the role energy plays in hypnosis. And other healing modalities.I responded by sharing some of my experiences while working with clients where I have experienced both the client and myself disappear into a field of energy.

Therefore, when this came up in the Reconnection training, I again was very pleasantly excited. It seems that this principle from quantum physics comes up in most all forms of alternative practices as well as in the scientific community.

When we allow ourselves to contemplate the power of our thoughts, how looking at something or someone from a different perspective has such powerful altering effects, frankly, it becomes much easier to adjust to the

Universe around us and in which we abide, and should we choose, recognize our own individual power and ability to make wonderful changes just be recreating our thoughts, feelings, and using our wonderful imaginations to create new realities.

Of course to repeat myself (practice makes perfect) every time we hear or experience anything that excites our cells so much they tell us very clearly this is the truth for me, we have bypassed the critical factor of our conscious minds and make it part of our permanent belief system. Result, in some way , we changed.

Throughout this year, I have done this many times in my personal life and have taught it also to others.

My wish for all of us is to grow in our awareness of how to use these new techniques, actually finding innovative ways to using the Universal truth that as far as I know to this point in our human experience is: Change is the one permanent principle in the Universe. Through the power of our free will, our choice, we can create daily miracles or disasters.

My intention for all of us in the New Year is to grow more and more in positive ways to make the wonderful positive changes we call “miracles” for all life on our planet, for peace on earth, and to innovating more and more positive unlimited potentialities.

If anyone would like assistance to honing these skills, please contact me at 561-358-7673 and I will be delighted to share one the various avenues to create change which I use with my clients and students.

Blessings, Gloria

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