Your Electromagnetism

These past few weeks I have been studying to become a Ham radio operator. It involved studying a a manual which opened up and stretched my mind and thinking to places I have not been before.

In so doing I learned electromagnetic waves are what transport information over the air and wires from one place to another and one person to another. One of the most significant principles is: the shorter the wavelength, the farther the distance the frequencies can travel.

In addition there are rules about how the human body conducts electricity, and the cautions of how we use the equipment…Your Electromagnetism!

In that I suddenly got really excited about the Law of Attraction and all we experience, create and encounter. As a learning paradigm, I am comparing the human body to the transceiver: that piece of equipment that can transmit and receive. I am then symboling the short wave lengths as focused, condensed thinking specific to one issue. That means that the frequencies can really travel very far to carry the message.

Now that may seem ridiculous to many of you but to me it made a lot of perfect sense. Along with all of this are all the possible interferences that can affect our broadcast: weather, others cutting in, etc. layers of the atmosphere, troposphere and ionosphere. There is also the curvature of the earth, how light affects various fields and more.

Now I really, really like that. For ourselves, our goals, and our desires, we can view all our doubts, fears, distractions, emotions etc. that clutter our thinking and think of them as interferences on our radio signals: the ones we really choose to be sending and those we choose to receive and how they can get distorted and “off frequency.”

When we are focused in one direction, we can use “squelch” to mute out the “noise” we choose not to hear. When we are ready to listen or transmit, we can open that squelch and communicate on a previously muted frequency.

Now I think this is all very exciting. It gives new meaning to meditation and mindfulness. If we stop to imagine ourselves as the transmitters, we can focus purely in that one direction, send it out, and wait to receive resonant harmonious signals that match our desires. If we don’t we can remain frustrated with our poor reception which is contingent upon our expertise in using the systems, putting the right components together to get maximum input and output or poor results.

If there happen to be any expert hams out there, you may be groaning now at my using this wonderful system of amateur radio as a teaching vehicle. If so I sort of apologize but really I think it is a wonderful way for us to look at what is satisfactory and unsatisfactory in our lives.

As all of you who follow this blog know, it is my perception that everything is some form of hypnosis. When we hear, see or feel something that resonates with us as truth, the cells get excited and we accept this as truth in our lives (whether or not it is ). For me, I am already imagining various other ways in which I can adapt these principles to the practice of hypnosis for the benefit of the clients I serve.

If you get curious about this, you can reach me at 561-358-7673. If we are meant to be resonant with each other, we will connect.

In the meantime, many blessings to everyone to continue on the path in joy and curiosity for all that is coming.

Blessings, Gloria

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    • Barbara on October 31, 2015 at 10:46 am
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    This is an incredible analogy which simplifies both Ham radio, meditation and focusing our energy in the direction of serving our best! I truly enjoyed reading this!

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